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I remember them so vividly, their hair just shoulder length, their emerald eyes stunning.

I should have told them…

Now they’re gone from reality, no trace but a single picture. I never thought myself to be sentimental, and I never thought I would be this messed up. Not in an environment such as this.

Even now, as I walk down the hall, my side feels cold without them walking next to me. And to think, all they left was a note. Addressed to who? No one knows!

I tried to tell someone how I felt yesterday, they just shrugged me off as if I’m less than the very thing we seek to contain.

I sit at my desk, mulling over their new file once more before taking out the small polaroid picture. I run my thumb across the corner feeling the sharp pop of the paper. They would have popped the picture back.

God I miss their laugh.

It was normal for them to disappear for a day, maybe two, but never 4. They would always be sleeping in their quarters since they were always working.

I toss the picture to the desk, leaping up from my chair, and walking down the hall. That walk turning to a quick jog, turning to a light run, turning to a sprint. I end up at their quarters, looking down to the ground. There is a windening pit in my chest that only seemed to get bigger the longer I stand here.

I look up for a second, lingering in their doorway. Tears brimming at my eyes. The room still smelled like them. I take a step into the room. It still wasn’t as welcoming as when they were there with me. I sigh as I collapse onto the bed. I rub my eyes as I start crying.

The cold yellow being tossed to the floor now showed an orange color against the walls, as if flower petals were fluttering to the ground. I look up, almost feeling their presence in the room.

The specks of light and petals swirl around the middle of the room. First slowly but they pick up speed, until a large flash of light shows through the room. I cringe and look away for a second as the bright light dims slowly.

I look past my arm.

My eyes widened suddenly, and my mouth left agape. I gasp suddenly.

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