KTE-5634-Ex Machina-Amityville

Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:
KTE-5634-Kapala-Amityville "Broken-Reaper"

Authorized Response Level:

1 Minimal Threat

Threat Entity is a creature resembling the popular personification of death known as the Grim Reaper, complete with a scythe made out of an unknown material, standing approximately 2 metres tall with a wingspan of about 6 metres. Through a simple touch, the entity can induce vomiting, headaches, and minor neurological damage in humans, and is capable of becoming incorporeal.

KTE-5634 was created by a world wide ritual by members of the anomalous terrorist group known as the Serpent's Hand

Rules of Engagement:
Due to circumstances outside of the Coalition's control, liquidation of the threat entity is currently impossible. Fortunately the entity spends most of its time in the upper mesosphere, rarely descending below cloud cover. Templar warding rituals have been found to cause some measure of distress to the entity, and only a small burst of infused weapons fire is needed to drive it away.


Parathreat Investigation

Special Observer: Treble Clef


Parathreat Evidence:

Suggested Response/Requests:

Quartermasters Division-AOD
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