Latin 001 Translation

Item #: SCP-LA-001

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any object affected by SCP-LA-001 must be supervised by individuals speaking its containment-required language (CRL). See Protocol 001-Alpha.

Description: SCP-LA-001 is the physical limitations of the application of human languages. Some anomalies cannot be described or acted upon by individuals conceptually identifying them in particular languages. As a result, containment of various anomalies is impossible for individuals or groups which think in particular languages.

Affected Objects Log: Abridged log of various anomalous objects affected by SCP-LA-001. Full log is available upon request.

Designation CRL1
SCP-LA-001-1 Russian
SCP-LA-001-2 Japanese
SCP-LA-001-3 Chinese
SCP-LA-001-4 Russian
SCP-LA-001-5 Spanish
SCP-LA-001-6 Japanese
SCP-LA-001-7 Spanish
SCP-LA-001-8 German
SCP-LA-001-9 Japanese

Addendum LA-001.1: 3 months after the discovery of SCP-LA-001, 18 SCP-LA-001-affected objects were found, with a Spanish CRL. As a result, the Spanish division was created for the containment of Spanish-CRL anomalies. Shortly following the incident, divisions were created for every CRL.

Addendum LA-001.2: 11 months after the discovery of SCP-LA-001, O5-8 sent the following request to the rest of the O5 Council:

Issue: Almost 600 SCP-LA-001-affected anomalies have been found. Individual divisions are incapable of dealing with the increase in SCP-LA-001. SCP-LA-001-affected objects may soon constitute a majority of SCP objects.

Proposal: Division of the SCP Foundation into different branches for every CRL.


  • Support: 7
  • Oppose: 6


Protocol 001-Alpha** has been initiated. See Addendum LA-001.3.

Addendum LA-001.3: Protocol 001-Alpha could not be successfully initiated, as SCP-LA-001 was found to be partially affected by itself. The following proposal was made to correct this:

Issue: SCP-LA-001 is affected by SCP-LA-001.

Proposal: Creation of SCP branch to contain SCP-LA-001 using its CRL.


  • Support: 8
  • Oppose: 5


To allow for the successful initiation of Protocol 001-Alpha, a branch of the SCP Foundation has been created for SCP-LA-001's CRL, Latin. SCP-LA-001 has been redesignated to match this.

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