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Item#: 5XXX
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CAPTION: The Inferior Demonic Court of Las Vegas

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation Legal Department is preparing its defense against SCP-XX. To this end several YYY-class demonic entities have been contracted as consultants. Current case information is restricted to Site-616 attorneys and Director House.

Description: SCP-XX refers to an ongoing class-action legal suit against the Foundation filed in the Tartarean District of Southern Nevada. The suit alleges that the Foundation's use of SCP-4967 to convert local water supplies into holy water violates the Sinful Drinking Water Act of 1635 and the Religious Intolerance Act of 1789. The 12,594 demonic plaintiffs are seeking millions of US dollars in damages, along with a permanent injunction disallowing use of religiously-enhanced weaponry.

The Foundation Office of General Counsel (OGC) in cooperation with the Demonics Division has determined the Foundation is subject to the jurisdiction of the court: all decisions will be anomalously binding.

Addendum XX-1: Court Proceedings

Addendum XX-?: .

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