"Take Me To Your Leader!"
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TODO: less explicit in description, show in addenda. tell an emotive story about frustration with existing systems

Item #: SCP-XX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A machine-learning model optimized for the detection of SCP-XX events has been added to PANOPTICON's event tracking system. Once an instance has been identified, field agents are to be dispatched to contain it.

Long-term containment strategy is under the purview of Site-19 Overwatch Command.

Description: SCP-XX refers to a category of extranormal event, wherein a member of a group is the subject of intentional harm from the group, and, following a series of poorly-understood events, emerges as its new leader.

The following indicators have been present in all occurrences of SCP-XX:

  • The organization is private. No occurrence has been within a government-run or public entity.
  • The individual held a position of low social standing within the group.
  • The individual was unwilling or unable to leave the group.
  • Abuse suffered by the individual was overlooked or officially sanctioned.
  • Following their ascendance to head of the organization, the individual gains reality-bending capabilities in proportion to the group's overall influence.

Addendum XX-1: Known Occurrences

Subject: Juan Gomez

Organization: McDonalds franchise in Irving, Texas

Containment: Anomalous effects dissipated after the administration of Class-B amnestics. The subject was relocated to a nearby Taco Bell and provided a cover story.

Retaliatory Actions Taken: Following a prolonged bullying campaign by other employees and local management, the subject began unconsciously inducing gastric distress in nearby mammals. This effect intensified when under emotional duress.

Subject: Samantha Park

Organization: Greendale Middle School Art Club

Containment: The subject was given six months of ontokinetic therapy via use of a low-intensity Scranton Reality Anchor, and has since been amnesticized and released. They are under standard Neutralized-class humanoid surveillance protocol.

Retaliatory Actions Taken: .

Subject: Eric Walker

Organization: Palm Beach Publishing

Containment: .

Retaliatory Actions Taken: .

Subject: Jeffrey Jorgensen

Organization: Amazon, Inc.

Containment: Due to the nature of the subject's anomalous properties, it is somewhat self-containing. The Department of Misinformation is responsible for adjusting inconsistencies in the historical record.

Efforts are underway to lessen Amazon's influence and/or neutralize the subject.

Retaliatory Actions Taken: The current hypothesis of the event, as reconstructed from DEEPWELL records, is that the subject was employed as a factory worker. Due to poor working conditions, they suffered heat stroke and were hospitalized, at which point SCP-XX manifested.

They then initiated a CK-Class ("Reality Restructuring") scenario, retroactively making them the founder and CEO.

The total extant of its changes are unknown, however confiscated shipments of SCP-████-EX are believed to be composed of the company's former executives and managerial personnel. Additionally, the subject has utilized its anomalous properties to significantly increase its personal wealth and corporate influence.

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