Leck mich im Arsch
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SCP-XXXX in life.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently contained in a non-ventilated hermetically sealed chamber accessible via airlock. Scent eliminating gas masks are available upon request for personnel entering SCP-XXXX's chamber. The chamber is currently furnished with an 88-key piano, a violin and bow, a desk with blank music sheets, and necessary writing equipment. Further furnishings may be requested by SCP-XXXX and approved at the discretion of the containment team's lead.

In the event of a containment breach, MTF Epsilon-33 (Decomposers) are to locate and capture SCP-XXXX using a PPNT1 and release the entity within its chamber following a one-hour decompression cycle.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a gaseous humanoid apparition which self-identifies as the 18th-century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Though its identity is not verifiable, the entity is able to answer questions relating to the life and works of Mozart on a firsthand account.

Though SCP-XXXX typically takes on a humanoid appearance resembling its self-proclaimed identity, it is able to alter its shape and size to bypass grates, doors, and other obstructions.

SCP-XXXX is composed of 59% nitrogen, 21% hydrogen,9% carbon dioxide,7% methane, 3% oxygen and 1% sulfur.

Addendum: AN-SO Incident and Capture
On May 12th, 2018, the paranormal whistleblower organization known as 'AN-SO' released a tabloid titled "The Weekly Exposé" detailing the existence of SCP-XXXX and an alleged collaboration with American artist and producer Kanye Omari West in the latter's most recent album release, 'Ye.' Below is an archived selection of the published article.

Fans of Kanye West may already be familiar with the entertainer's latest song, 'Lift Yourself' from his new album 'Ye', but what even the most dedicated fan may not know is the song's sinister origins. Mr. West was seen accompanied by a mysterious green, floating figure during the weeks leading to the release of the aforementioned song. An AN-SO paraspecialist was able to infiltrate the studio and obtain tell-all information regarding the relationship between Mr. West and his mysterious companion.

An analysis of several scrapped recordings and unused takes reveal the two interacting, with West addressing the sinister apparition as 'Motzy', 'Wolfy', and most telling; 'Mozart.' Our paraanalysts were able to deduce with certainty that this ghostly companion was none other than the Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, responsible for the most famous (or infamous) part of West's latest hit.

Upon being questioned on the nature of his friendship with Mozart and his ghost's involvement in the song, West declined further comment and threatened this reporter with violence.

- For more exposés and live updates on the weird world near you, follow XXXXX on Twitter at [REDACTED]

Following an investigation, SCP-XXXX was found and contained within the West/Kardashian household in Hidden Hills, CA. All involved civilians were amnesticized and a disinformation campaign to remove SCP-XXXX's involvement with the album 'Ye' are currently ongoing. Additionally, a task force has been assigned to recover and destroy any AN-SO publications regarding SCP-XXXX.

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