Westrin's Proposal: The Light Above The Jungle

Anomaly Number: 3567321

Class: Hope/Non-violent/High-priority

Containment Procedures: By order of the Administrator, SCP-001's database file has been locked. Access to SCP-001's file requires permission from every member of the O5 Council. This file has been riddled with various kill phrases that requires True Class Inoculation.

SCP-001 is contained within a High Security Lockbox within Site-01. No biological entity is to know the contents of SCP-001. To accomplish this, four West/Trinidad Antimemetic Field Generators have been constructed that prevents the idea of SCP-001's contents from exiting Site-01. In case of SCP-001's irreversible destruction, a copy is to be created instantly, and Project Signals For The Future is to be enacted.

That should be all of it. After a 13-0 vote, the contents of SCP-001 has been released to researchers with level 2 clearance or higher. All of the kill phrases have been wiped, the Antimemetic Field Generators have been destroyed, and SCP-001 is available to anyone who asks and has permission from 1 O5 member.

We have determined that it shouldn't be a sin to look upon the past, and determine the best path moving forwards. Personnel within Project Strike The Sky are required to read SCP-001 and to report to containment chamber 7B within Site-01's Thaumiel wing.

From within the light,


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