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Item #: SCP-4376

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4376 is to be contained in a Humanoid Containment Cell with a heightened ceiling and special furniture to accommodate its anatomy.

Description: SCP-4376 is an anomalously deformed human. It consists of one body which appears to have grown vertically out of the neck of another body starting at its hip. Both are genetically and visually matching and have been identified as Wilhelm Schröder, a 23-year old man from ████████, Germany. Notably, Wilhelm Schöder's medical history shows him diagnosed with clinical depression since the age of 14, with the last evaluation at the age of 22, while psychological evaluations over the course of his containment could not identify symptoms of such a condition. Schröder is aware of this and has expressed great pride in "getting better" and "just following such a simple trick" [hic].

Addendum SCP-4376.1: Discovery SCP-4376 was discovered on 2019/06/10 on his way home from his office job. Witness reports to the police were intercepted and a disinformation campaign, painting it as a viral advertisement for a new horror movie, was put in place Co-workers reported seeing Schröder using his phone to chat during the lunch break and afterwards going to the bathroom for an unusual amount of time before coming out again in his current form. His phone was recovered and the chat log of this specific time span has been logged below.

Honey 💗

10:35|Wilhelm: I'm sorry

12:15|Honey 💗: do not give me that. cant you think of me for once?
You even know how much this hurts me? To see you like that?

12:18|Honey 💗:
Cant you justtry a little fucking harder

12:19| Honey 💗:
get over yourself

10:35|Wilhelm: I

10:35|Wilhelm: I guess Ill try

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