Save Money, Live Better

Item #: SCP-4365

Object Class: Pyrpass1

Special Containment Procedures: Any attempts by SCP-4365 to break international law should be met by immediate interference by the United Nations. Currently, means of destroying SCP-4365 without further breaking normalcy are being researched.

However, until such actions can be achieved, SCP-4365 is to be treated as a normal country.


Initial creator of SCP-4365 as well as creator of the first prototype Wartion ethnostate, titled Emperor, 1936

Description: SCP-4365 is a country found within Southern Europe, bordering Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, France, San Marino, Italy and Vatican City. SCP-4365's official name is noted to be "The Republic of the People's Waltmar", colloquially known as Waltmar. SCP-4365 is roughly 86,000 km2 in size, and has a population of 46 million people. Currently, SCP-4365 is the youngest country in the world, becoming fully independent 35 years ago in 2024.

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