Local Business

SCP-5234 is a small antiques/curios shop located in Kennebunkport, Maine. Since 1995, this shop has been the source of 37 cataloged, destinct, low-threat anomalies. These objects had been disseminated into the towns population, sold or bartered by the proprietor of SCP-5234. A full listing can be accessed from SCP-5234-CL01, attached. A brief sampling includes:

  • 12 anamatronic rabbits, sold to Mrs. Gloria Witgenstein, age 92. On a weekly basis, these rabbits would emerge, and "eat" Mrs. Witgenstein's front, and back laws lawns down to a perfectly level .5 inch length. The mulched grass would then be "excreted" in cubes, stacked for ease of disposal.
  • 1 Minor league baseball, given to Mr. Donald Florenz, age 11, shortly following the death of his father in an industrial accident. This baseball, when thrown, will hover briefly at the end of it's arc, then return at equal velocity (never exceeding 40mph).
  • 3 fishing poles, sold to Mr. Simon Garfield, Jeremy Veidt, and Shane Camp. All included lines were measured at a tensile strength of 22.3 GPa, or equal to airplane tether. All reels also appeared enhanced, providing additional pulling strength. Subjects reported these lines allowed them to finally catch "the big one".
  • 1 crystal ball with pedestal, sold to Ms. Harriet Jones, Age 65. Object appears capable of accessing multiple digital video/audio chat programs, including Skype, Discord, Facetime, and Facebook. Subject reportedly used the object to communicate with her niece, in lieu of the "confusing phone widgets".

SCP-5234 does not appear to have a set location. When a resident of Kennebunkport leaves their home with the explicit desire to find the shop, is will manifest within a 2 block radius, seamlessly integrating with the surrounding buildings.

SCP-5234-1: Ruprecht.

Carter: Gerhardt.

SCP-5234-1: I heard you died.

Carter: I heard the same of you.

4 seconds of silence.

SCP-5234-1: Why are you here, Ruprecht. You have nothing I want.

Carter: I have everything.

SCP-5234-1: You really believe that, don't you?

Carter: ((…)) We have business, Uncle.

The sound of items being re-arranged and shelved.

SCP-5234-1: We have no business.

Carter: This store is not supposed to exist anymore. We bought it. All it's assets have-

SCP-5234-1: Your German has gone to shit, Nephew.

Carter coughs.

Carter: You shouldn't be here, Gerhardt. I can take care of you. I'll give you a home, servants, anything you could desire.

SCP-5234-1: This is what I desire.

Carter: Selling cheap kuriosaytäten to a dying coastal town? Sweeping the sidewalk of leaves while your joints ache? Standing behind a counter all day for grocery money? What kind of life is this?

SCP-5234-1: I like it here. These are good people.

Carter: They are cattle. This is beneath you, Uncle.

5 seconds of silence.

SCP-5234-1: Do you remember why we came to America?

Carter: Because the old country was burning.

SCP-5234-1: Yes, but why America?

Carter: You said it was the land of opportunity - a place where a man could earn a kingdom, instead of being born to it.

SCP-5234-1: Glad you remember that at least. It's kuriositäten, by the way.

Carter: I've built my kingdom, Uncle. I have wealth, and power, and command over powers you could only dream of. No more- no more peddling oddities in back alleys. Now the money comes to me.

SCP-5234-1: You have your kingdom, I have mine.

Carter: This? You call this a-

SCP-5234-1: Who are your friends, nephew? What gets you out of bed in the mornings? The people here smile, and wave as I pass on the street. I make their lives better, and they do the same for mine. America is the land of opportunity, and I have built a kingdom of small joys. What has your wealth given you, Ruprecht? What has been the point of it all?

Carter: (…) To never again stand helpless while my home is taken away.

5 seconds of silence.

SCP-5234-1: You were a child, Ruprecht.

Carter: And now I am a man of means.

SCP-5234-1: (sighing) I suppose you are.

Carter: I believe it's time you took your shop elsewhere, Uncle. The hawks are circling this rats nest.

SCP-5234-1: (…) So you've come to threaten me then? Or warn me.

Carter: Neither. This is strictly business. Good evening.

Carter walks to the door. The bell chimes.

SCP-5234-1: Ruprecht.

3 seconds of silence. The door remains open.

SCP-5234-1: Is there a reason you've come today, of all days?

Carter: What are you on about?

SCP-5234-1: Vatertag1

Carter: (…) That's in July.

SCP-5234-1: Not in Eisenstadt.

Carter: (…) No. I'm here today because my schedule allows it. That's all.

SCP-5234-1: Of course.

Carter: Good bye, Uncle.

SCP-5234-1: Auf Wiedersehen, little Magpie.

After a brief pause, Carter leaves the store.

Addendum: Since this incident, SCP-5234 has not manifested within the town of Kennebunkport. Tracking efforts are currently underway.

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