It had been 2 years since the Coronavirus outbreak and was widely considered to be the worst year from the general public. History, however, would not agree. Thousands died, millions infected. People felt a sigh of relief when the pandemic was over, like an anvil coming off their backs. Despite the pandemic being over, it left many jobless, hurt, traumatized and broken from their deceased loved ones.

If there is one thing history often does, it's repeating itself and sometimes, it does it worse.

Amanda Bailey was a 19 year College student in California whom was studying to become a doctor after her grandmother passed away from Covid-19. She was lucky enough to have her parents save earn and save enough money to go to the University of California, Los Angeles, as well as enough to rent a small apartment. It was quite small, though. Amanda never liked being in small spaces like this but she doesn't like being homeless even more.

She was in her apartment on July 5th and did not go to College due to her suffering from a throat infection and a fever. Her classmates and friends teased about how she had the Coronavirus. It annoyed her but she never took notice. Her staying at her apartment, once a place meant for her to eat and rest, is now her only safe space and just maybe, her death bed.

On that faithful day, a swarm of mutated locusts ravaged the city of Los Angeles as they ate everysingle living organism in their way. Plants, animals, humans. They never cared. They just wanted to eat and that's all what went through their mind. They can eat non-organic material but they preferred the organic more. She still remembers the screams she heard and the horror she felt when she looked out of her window and saw the swarm like yesterday. She locked herself in her room and never let anyone in or herself out.

Today, she is still trapped within her apartment. It had been a fortnight since the incident and she's starving. Food's gone and all she could drink was tap water. She had been optimistic before, believing that one day she'll survive and humanity will thrive from the madness. After all, its not the first time humanity was given a big fuck you from life.

As time went on, she'd began to lose hope to the point of feeling like she will die in her apartment alone and nobody remembering her, just like everybody else in Los Angeles. She wasn't going to believe that a team of soldiers or superheros would come crashing in and rescue her. Amanda checked every minute to see if her loved ones had still checked the messages or call them to see if their still alive. Nothing. Not a response. Not even once. There was never any WIFI or signal to obtain anyway as its not that far of a stretch to believe the Locusts ate the WIFI wires.

Amanda annoyingly threw her phone onto her bed and lied down on it, facing towards the ceiling with hands placed behind her head. She curiously asked herself, "I wonder what I'd be doing now if this never happened?" She'd be at home, watching TV with her father or hanging out with her friends at the nearby cafe or getting nagged at by the teachers for making a mistake. She couldn't help but chuckle a little. Out of all the things the world could've ended, it had to be locusts. Life is full of surprises, ain't it?

Amanda then grabbed a pillow from her creased, messy bed and lied her head down on it for a little catnap. She closed her eyes and tried to get some sleep as a tear slowly rains down from her eye, knowing full well one day she will die in there.

Alone and nobody to remember her.

Meng Foo turned off her computer as she had just finished filling a report about the situation as she sips down on a cold cup of coffee next to her. She was lucky she was in an underground bunker during locusts incident when she helped a few agents get the place settled. When the locusts cam, the entrance to the bunker was opened, allowing civilians to take shelter within.

Its a shame not all birds fly, though.

Meng is worried. There are no protocols or training for a time like this and getting the civilians settled is a nightmare. She received a phone call from the Minister of Defense on her government issued cellphone. She grabbed her phone within her pocket and answered.

"Hey, Meng. I need an update."

"Uh, lemme see. We got an estimated over a thousand civilians here and at least 200 government officials. Were still waiting for further orders."

"I'm trying to obtain contact with other governments for support. In the meantime, research into killing the locusts is a high priority. Were going to need some locusts to test on, though, and we cannot risk getting a single one. Lack of testing will affect the production of a newly developed aerosol."

"I understand."

"Oh, and Meng. Keep an eye on those people, yeah? We lost more than 3 million in the first few hours and we cannot lose anymore."

"I will, Minister. I will."

The Minister than hung up his phone to further obtain combat. Just before he does that, one of his workers came to give him the usual bad news.

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