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Item #: SCP-1295-J

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1295-J is rotated between Site-19, Site-77, and Site-81 for use in interrogations. While not in use, it is contained within a secure high-value object safe.

Description: SCP-1295-J is a [thing] which imparts a mind-altering effect when pressed against the skin of a sentient being. While active, the subject is more cooperative, experiences greater memory recall, and has improved narrative conveyance. The effect fades over the course of 36 hours.

Addendum 1295-J-1: Experiment Log

Interviewed: James Smith
Interviewer: Researcher Sarah Person

Foreword: Following an occurrence of SCP-████-J, civilians living in the nearby area were questioned for information on the anomaly.

<Begin Log>

Researcher Person: Thank you for sitting down with us to answer our questions.

James Smith: Uh, not sure how much choice I had.

Researcher Person: Now regarding the SCP-████-J manifestation at your place of residen—

James Smith: What?

Researcher Person: SCP-████-J. The spectral phenomena—

James Smith: Huh? Essy-pee-what?

Researcher Person: The hauntings that have been going on. You called the police citing disturbing noises.

James Smith: Oh.

Researcher Person: Yes.

Brief pause.

Researcher Person: Do you have any information regarding the incident?

James Smith: Huh, oh like telling you about it.

Researcher Person: Yes. As much as you can.

Researcher Person prepares to take notes on her clipboard.

James Smith: Well, uh, it was pretty freaky. Making weird sounds.

Researcher Person: What were the sounds like? When did you first notice them?

James Smith: It was all creepy, like, ooo-ooooh. Yeah, like that.

Researcher Person: Can you be more specific?

James Smith: Uh, yeah like a weird sound, you know? Like a ghost.

Researcher Person: Okay. Maybe tell us what you were doing at the time?

James Smith: I was watching TV.

Researcher Person: Yes, and?

James Smith: Like the news I think?

Researcher Person: Did you notice any unusual behavior, feel anything strange before the occurrence?

James Smith: Uh.

Brief pause.

James Smith: Not really.

Researcher Person: (turns to her supervisor) I think we should use SCP-1295-J.

Senior Researcher Chen: Agreed.

James Smith is restrained by security while SCP-1295-J is applied to his forehead.

James Smith: What the fuck! What the hell was all that? You fuckers.

Researcher Person: Now, please tell us about the SCP-████-J manifestation.

James Smith: You don't understand, do you? You're sitting here all high-and-mighty in a covert black site, feeling safe and smug. Poor shmucks like me gotta live in the real world.

Researcher Person: Not sure what you mean.

James Smith: Okay. (leans in) Imagine you're me, right? I'm sitting there on my sofa, watching a dumb news piece on trout extinction in Canada. I see something in the corner of my eye — I think it's my cat — but I look over and it's gone. Not a big deal, right?

Researcher Person: I suppose not.

James Smith: "I must've been seeing things," I tell myself. I turn back to the TV, but I hear a creak. Just a little one, mind you, like the whimper of a mouse.

Researcher Person: I'm not sure mice whim—

James Smith: It's still nothing. I look back at the TV. Then it hits me.


Researcher Person: What hi—

James Smith: I realize I had been petting my cat this whole time. Right here, laying on lap. (gestures)

Researcher Person: I—

James Smith: It gave me a little shock to the system, let me tell you

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