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Item #: SCP-1295-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1295-J is rotated between Site-19, Site-77, and Site-81 for use in interrogations. While not in use, it is contained within a secure high-value object safe.

Description: SCP-1295-J is a [thing] which imparts a mind-altering effect when pressed against the skin of a sentient being. While active, the subject becomes more cooperative, experiences greater memory recall, and has improved narrative conveyance. The effect fades over the course of 36 hours.

Addendum 1295-J-1: Experiment Log

Interviewed: James Smith
Interviewer: Researcher Sarah Person

Foreword: Following an occurrence of SCP-████-J, a civilian living in the nearby area was questioned for information on the anomaly.

<Begin Log>

Researcher Person: Thank you for sitting down with us to answer our questions.

James Smith: Uh, okay.

Researcher Person: Now regarding the SCP-████-J manifestation at your place of residen—

James Smith: What?

Researcher Person: SCP-████-J. The spectral phenomena—

James Smith: Huh? Essy-pee-what?

Researcher Person: The hauntings that have been going on. You called the police citing disturbing noises.

James Smith: Oh.

Researcher Person: Yes.

Brief pause.

Researcher Person: Do you have any information regarding the incident?

James Smith: Huh, oh like telling you about it.

Researcher Person: Yes. As much as you can.

Researcher Person prepares to take notes on her clipboard.

James Smith: Well, uh, it was pretty freaky. Making weird sounds.

Researcher Person: What were the sounds like? When did you first notice them?

James Smith: It was all creepy, like, ooo-ooooh. Yeah, like that.

Researcher Person: Can you be more specific?

James Smith: Uh, yeah like a weird sound, you know? Like a ghost.

Researcher Person: Okay. Maybe tell us what you were doing at the time?

James Smith: I was watching TV.

Researcher Person: Yes, and?

James Smith: Like the news I think?

Researcher Person: Did you notice any unusual behavior, feel anything strange before the occurrence?

James Smith: Uh.

Brief pause.

James Smith: Not really.

Researcher Person: (turns to her supervisor) I think we should use SCP-1295-J.

Senior Researcher Chen: Agreed.

<End Log>

Foreword: James Smith was restrained by present security while SCP-1295-J was applied to his forehead.

<Begin Log>

James Smith: What the fuck! What the hell was all that? You fuckers.

Researcher Person: Now, please tell us about the SCP-████-J manifestation.

James Smith: You black site secret agent must feel like you know it all, eh? Safe and informed about the world of the weird. Regular schmucks like me gotta live in the real world.

Researcher Person: Not sure what you mean.

James Smith: Okay. (leans in) Imagine you're me, right? I'm sitting there on my sofa, watching a dumb news piece on trout extinction in Canada. I see something in the corner of my eye — I think it's my cat — but I look over and it's gone. Not a big deal, right?

Researcher Person: I suppose not.

James Smith: "I must've been seeing things," I tell myself. I turn back to the TV, but I hear a creak. Just a little one, mind you, like the whimper of a mouse.

Researcher Person: I'm not sure mice whim—

James Smith: It's still nothing. I look back at the TV. Then it hits me.


Researcher Person: What hits—

James Smith: I realize I had been petting my cat this whole time. Right here, laying on lap. (gestures)

Researcher Person looks on.

James Smith: I look into the dark hallway, wondering if I heard something. I squint a bit, nothing. I blink and I see something. Or rather, two somethings.


James Smith: There are two sets of eyes, but I only have one cat.


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