Lost and Found-SCP draft
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Item #: SCP-4492

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The IP address which grants access to SCP-4492 has been blocked from all public web servers. SCP-4492 is to be visited on Site servers twice a week to check for updates of the site. Communication with SCP-4492-1 through SCP-4492 is to occur three times per month.

Description: SCP-4492 is an internet site under the name 'LostSCPwiki.███.' The site functions as a traditional lost media archive site, with the exception of being exclusive to anomalies it claims have once been contained by the Foundation. The site also describes 'original versions' of currently contained and undiscovered anomalies, and other versions of anomalies which are not currently on the Foundation database.

Categories of lost status on the site have been described as Lost, Found, Partially Lost/Found, and Existence Unconfirmed/Non-existent/Unproduced.

Each anomaly posted about will have a page with as much information as the 'users' of the site are aware of. This may include but are not limited to:

  • An image of the anomaly or a part of the anomaly
  • Parts of the description
  • Object class
  • Foundation personnel who 'have worked with' the anomaly
  • Excerpts of documents, interviews, or test logs

A page of an anomaly known as SCP-2366.L has been provided below for reference.

SCP-2366.L/Deteriorating Creation

(Lost Site 19 anomaly; ████-20██)


An image of one of SCP-2366.L's known drawings.

Status: Lost


SCP-2366.L was an anomaly once contained at Site 19 at the SCP Foundation.

SCP-2366.L was a fourteen-year-old humanoid female named Nichola Myers. Her anomaly rested in her ability to manifest anything from seemingly nowhere. Her powers of creation wore her out, slowly turning her to stone. SCP-2366.L was accompanied by a pink fox with three eyes of an amber color, a creature of her creation. She was artistic and provided many drawings during her time at the foundation.

Not much is known about SCP-2366.L, but it has been announced that Site Psychologist and Researcher Missy Flora has interview documents with SCP-2366.L stored somewhere in her office. Whether or not she will ever release these to the public is unknown.


SCP-2366.L was first reported missing on █-█-20██. An ongoing search is currently being held for SCP-2366.L, but no results have been found as of 20██.


1. Site 19 records released by Dr.███ ████.


Note: Researcher Missy Flora has been questioned and searched with the outcome of no files or documents of the sort listed being recovered.


On █-█-20██, SCP-4492 Head Researcher Charlie Cherri initiated contact with the listed 'admin' of SCP-4492. (Designated SCP-4492-1.)

Message Log █-█-20██


Hello, I am Dr. Charlie Cherri. I thought I would contact you over these forums to learn more information about these anomalies you claim we once knew. You clearly know about the foundation, so I won't be shy about it.


Hello Charlie! It is nice that you are interested in our site. As I say to all new users, consider supporting us on Patreon or joining our Discord Server! The information and resources are a lot of work for us to gather! Together we can help all members to have an enjoyable experience!


Hello, Ivara. A real answer to my question would be appreciated if at all possible. How have you discovered our foundation? And how do you know this information?


Whoa, dude, you're being pretty formal. I mean honestly, we just find this information with hard dedication. We all just have a love for lost SCPs I guess. I mean I know for me, I grew up loving the mystery between lost movies and tv shows, and lost media in general. I saw no one had covered the topic yet, so I thought I'd make a whole wiki dedicated to it.


It appears that to you, SCPs are something that everyone knows about. But they are supposed to be hidden from the world for the protection of the world, and the anomalies.


Does hiding them from the foundation protect them? So many anomalies have just faded away. Nichola is upset Flora does not remember her. Flora ruined her life, and she does not remember doing so.


I thought the anomalies were lost. How do you know this?


Aren't we all a little bit lost? I mean I'm not the one that caused them to disappear. I just don't want them to be like me. Forgotten by the world because they are deemed not important enough. They're deleted from your minds and your records. They need somewhere to go. Someone to remember them. It's not my fault that you cannot do that.


I didn't erase them. Okay? I don't know what happened. I didn't choose to make someone disappear. I'd never choose that. Everyone deserves to be seen. Even in a way like this.

Note: Dr.Cherri is to step down as Head Researcher of SCP-4492 due to unprofessional behavior in message log █-█-20██.


Researcher Missy Flora received the following email on █-█-20██:

Information [Inbox]

Lost SCP Wiki <lostscpwiki@█████.com>
to moc.noitadnuoF|arolFM#moc.noitadnuoF|arolFM

Hello Ms Flora! My name is Ivara Roth (User IvyIvara) of the Lost SCP Wiki. I’m the admin and founder! It has come to my attention that you do not recall your work on SCP-2366.L. It’s a shame because she remembers you! She is lost, but is she really lost from her home? No! Just to you guys and all those who only see what they want to. SCP-2366.L has this to say to you:

You ruined my life and you don't remember it. I disappeared because of you. I was totally forgotten. My one goal in life is to be remembered. And now my one way to be known in through this. An obscure site with almost no information. I would share myself but I can't. I've tried, but it won't. You don't forget how much you hurt someone. It doesn't get to just go away. All I know is you still have what I gave you, and it has affected your life forever.

Emotional is it not? Anyways. Feel free to support our site through our Patreon! It's very appreciated. Help us do the real job of securing, containing, and protecting.


All attempts of sending a reply failed to send on any sever. Communication with SCP-4492-1 is currently only available through SCP-4492.

After exactly one month since communication with SCP-4492-1 had last taken place, Dr.Cherii began to receive the following emails:

Email █-█-20██

Where are you?? [Inbox]

Lost SCP Wiki <lostscpwiki@█████.com>
to moc.noitadnuoF|irrehCC#moc.noitadnuoF|irrehCC

You think you can just avoid me? Do you think you can just avoid these anomalies? You think you can delete their information and you won't have to deal with them anymore?

Email █-█-20██

Really? No reply?? [Inbox]

Lost SCP Wiki <lostscpwiki@█████.com>

Look, hun. You can't run from this. It's actually pretty funny to me that you think you can lol. I will make sure these anomalies are all you and your dumb foundation know. You can't choose to forget people. I know you know what it's like to be left behind.

[Empty Subject][Inbox]

Lost SCP Wiki <losʇsɔbʍıʞı@█████.ɔoɯ>
Are you kidding me???


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