Love Is In The Air

As she sat with him, all she could think about was that number.
To her right, there he was. Her soulmate. Her counterpart, her other half. To be without him was to be incomplete. To him, that number represented how long they had been together. 334 happy days, gone by in a flash. Laughs shared, nights spent together. Sure, the occasional disagreement, but never anything lasting.
That number haunted her each night she had been alone. 334 years without him. 334 years spent searching, crawling through trenches and sprinting through fields. It had been the longest time spent without him.
She had been alive for 8,223 years total. Of those years, she had only aged 27. For her, time never moved without him. The soul doesn’t budge unless it is whole. And interspersed in those years, she had spent a total of 9 with him. 9 whole years. They had been together many times, but each time he was ripped away from her, whether through sword or through age.
This was one of the longest stretches of time she had been without him. It was only through chance that they happened upon each other once again. He never remembered time by time and but she knew. She could feel it in her bones.
Once again, they were together.
Looking at the glint of the knife in her bag, she saw the hints of a wrinkle creeping up on her cheeks.
Once again, he was none the wiser.

Prompt: AU where you only age when you're with your soulmate. Bonus points for reincarnation

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