Lowell's SCP ideas
a TV that turns back on when you turn it off out of pure spite and hatred for your electrical bill
A power outage, but not all at once
2 former sites infected by eldritch entities that create and use low level cognitohazards to destroy each other. the fight is going nowhere
an abandoned underwater site where squids have learned to act like staff.
a sign that says “no weapons within 50 meters of here” that converts any weapon within 50 meters of it. But it turns out the disappearing weapons are materializing in the hands of an inter-dimensional invasion force.
GellyJones spontaneously turns into her animal
a person who can upvote and downvote real people
a modified vending machine hosted by an AI except the AI is a teenage girl (not literally)
a ghost girl who wants to be the only urban legend
a letter that when pronounced spawns a bee (related to 3045)
the great discord server in the sky
a furry dating sim by ATF that turns your IRL partner into your in-game partner and the code is this ec0ie361ixt11.png?width=400&height=300
the greek muse of video games
underwater city where everyone has squids as pets
a phenomenon where if a spoiled rich kid shows off something expensive, it disappears
Actually AOs:
squid lake. fills with squids every night
ghost wolf
a sentient humanoid mass of blankets that cuddles you
an anomalous frequency that turns glass back into sand
talking wolves
an alarm clock shaped like a wolf that when you fall asleep near it, it puts wolves in your dreams and if you harm the dream-wolves, it rings
a fanfiction so bad it functions as a kill agent
A plant mom
a mysterious page on IntSCPFN
animal jam VR that turns you into your fursona character
SCP-3677 but XKCD
extraterrestre_sur_Terre.png this
numbers appearing on photos
a musical note that when played spawns a wolf
a Korean girl who can physically enter any machine and control it
information about it can only be on secure channels.
Already been done:
you (either S Andrew Swann's Proposal or SCP-3393 depending on how you look at it)
the greek muses (SCP-4160)
shutting your mouth
you, but straight
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