Lurk Work

Umber's Inventory

Item Image Load
A Familiar bell.png N/A
Phone phone.png 2
Maintenance/IT Badge keycard2.png 1
Swiss Army Knife Knife.png 1
Key Key.png 1

Emily's Inventory

Item Image Load
Book of Shadows book.png 2

Brightmatter (10/10) ○○○○○○○○○○
Umber's Load (5/6) ○○○○○●
Emily's Load (2/3) ○○●

The artificer supreme suddenly woke up from a dead sleep. “Something happened.” Slipping on a loose shirt and sandals, the spry 80 year-old rushed down the corridor toward the exit. Upon opening it, a rush of cold mist from the valleys blasted her. A few steps up and she was on the open deck of her riverboat, currently floating up the Ganges. The sail fluttered softly in the breeze as something hung heavy in the night air. She looked up and proceeded to read the stars and weather above her.


“Polaris… AND Betelgeuse shrouded in clouds? And the moon is waning as well… wind is in the east… which means Mars is aligned with… Damn! That’s all we need right now! I’ll need to be quick. This weather won’t hold.”

She hurried off the deck and tucked into another cramped room. She didn’t need light to see, as she replaced her eyes with polished star onyx long ago. “Where are my decks?” She pushed papers and tools aside to make room on her small desk. A charcoal quartz statue of a dog headed human hit the wooden floor as she scrambled to find her cards. Several papers and pens clattered onto the floor as well. Upon pulling on a drawer she sighed in relief and reached in, scooping up her prized decks of artifice. An impressive collection 60 years in the making that the Library would die to get their hands on, as well as a few other unmentionable organizations. “Kiran is going to owe me big for this.”

She tucked her white stringy hair behind her ears and started to shuffle. Each cut of the deck had a meaning and had to be performed in such exactness that only a few master artificers could do this action without looking. After a proper shuffle, she consulted her memory on how to pull her three cards. This wasn’t exactly a forging ritual, but a ritual nonetheless. She had ways of affecting her creations from afar, even when they were broken. A good artificer always plans for an emergency.

First card pulled second from the top of an unknown deck, the zither played on golden strings. She makes a note of it as if recognizing an old friend, and places it down in the moonlight. Next, pulled from the very bottom of the deck of funerals, the burning seal. She hummed in thought and then placing the second card on the table. "Now to figure out the appropriate trump deck." The artificer supreme reached over and pulled an older card from her book of recipes. She straightend out the creases and gave it a good hard look. The amber eye.


“I knew I’d have to use this eventually. Shame I can only do this once.” She rolled her chair toward the window and tossed it into the murky river. A card left over from Umber’s own forging, now returned as a sacrifice. She watched it float down and into the river. It landed face up, perpendicular to the Hajipur leyline before sinking into the cold black. “Ah-ha! I know which one I need.”

She rolled back over and unsleeved an unusual deck with malleable jade edges. “Can’t remember the last time I pulled from the paradox deck.” She performed a kutti shuffle five times and then from dead center of the deck, she pulled the third card. The sword impossible… inverted. Her face cringed slightly as she laid it on the table. She was unsure what this combination of cards meant, but it was what she had to work with. She leaned back and packed her pipe full of herbs in preparation. "…life gives you lemons…" she mumbled.


All three cards were presented. Three options. Three solutions be they good or bad. Weal or woe. The old mind of the artificer supreme cleared the fogginess of distraction away. She lit her pipe and sat on the wooden floor, feeling the boat gently rock as it continued down the river. She would have to meditate in the dark until a living quintessence of shadow presented a single selection of the cards.

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