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Umber decided to look through the phone firstly. Luckily, it didn't have any security features on it. Probably the IT plebian assigned to it had ways to keep it unlocked for ease of use. Blessed be the lazy who make subterfuge that much easier, Umber thought to himself. Using his little digits, he thumbed through the email of one Jesse Abbot.


Only a few messages but nothing referring to the second child. Umber sighed and pushed the phone back down into his tunic. He pulled the rolling chair closer to the screen and squinted at the icons. "L-lodestar work orders. Who is doing the ordering?" Umber pushed on the icon with a thumb, but nothing. "C'mon… blasted device." Another firm tap on the LCD screen. "Why is nothing intuitive?" He bumped the table with a frustrated fist and made the whole thing rattle. The tiny arrow in the center of the screen moved ever so slightly, and thankfully caught the eye of Umber.

He looked at the mouse and poked it with a hesitant finger. Again the arrow had moved. Umber then draped a hand over the mouse and slid the arrow across the screen, this way and that. "Ah… alright." He unskillfully moved the arrow and clicked the lodestar icon. A window flew up into the screen and populated a display with table of ongoing repairs to the site.



Client Viewer (Operator Access Only)

Site-81 Open Work Orders:

Location Status SCP Description
D-Wing Active 2151 / 2980 Rerouting utilities from chamber 05 to 06 while renovations are being conducted. Fiber optic line is included. Complete ASAP.
Railway Scheduled N/A Furnicular tram needs new wheel bearing on left side. Squeaks during stop.
I-Wing Active 017 Need replacement of one of the high-intensity arc lamp spotlights. Running on a spare currently.
F-Wing Scheduled 2540 Electromagnetic manipulator does not turn on.
E-Wing Active 3707 It happened again. Need new wheel clamps.
J-Wing Scheduled 3740 Need replacement of one hand-carved ornate oaken table. Commission work if needed.
E-Wing Scheduled 2445 Research requesting IT resources to assist in achieving unrestricted access to the object's operating system.

Umber hummed while reading them making little mental notes here and there. He got distracted a little by the dumpster icon with a '1' floating in the corner. He clicked and another display flew up at him. A lonely file with a strange name was the only thing in there. "Tckts file. What's a tckts file?," he asked rhetorically.


Umber nodded and moved on. He glanced at the AIC helpdesk. Help? Well that's for sure what he needed at the moment rather than blindly probing through the computer desktop hoping to hit paydirt. He clicked on it and a display with a curious looking avatar flickered up.




Well if it isn't a user in the flesh! Name's Virgil. I'm the handsome AIC assigned to guide you through the magical land that is IT helpdesk topics and troubleshooting. And let me tell ya, I shoot that trouble so good it'll make your neurons burst on an atomic level! What can I solve for you today, champ?

I want a badge. Give me one.


Whoa whoa whoa there, bucko. Pump them brakes for me. Now I read through the access permissions master reference faster than a fart in a fan factory during a hurricane and it said that you, Jesse Abbot, are identified as a badge facilitator. You need me to hold your hand through the creation process, tiger?

No. Just make me one now.


Sorry, slick. My credentials only allow me to make requests for lost or stolen badges. You on the other hand, have credentials for creating and facilitating badges up to level 2. Now I'll give you a wooden nickel if you take a gander at that SCP_Badger icon installed on your desktop. Using your credentials we could access the program and I can guide you through the creation process, chief.

Fine. Where do I put in the blank badge?


You got a blank? Well hot damn, that's half the battle right there! When we're done with the badge setup, just plug that sucker into the badge module on the printer at the far end of the server room there. Least that's what your default printer settings are saying anyhow, sparky.

Stop calling me names.


Ha. Will try my darndest. Currently my personality driver has a confidence level set at 100% with a humor differential of 85%. But I'll let my programmer know I got another complaint about it. Alright, slugger?



Can do! Sooooo… your badge is missing then? As a security requirement, I'll need your consent to use your crednetials for making the replacement badge, kiddo.

Yes and yes. Get on with it.


Wunderbar, boss! You probably already know, but just as a reminder, these badges have mutable features that only work while inside the facility. So you'll need to remember that PIN number for everything outside the building. Super important cause I can't recover it and you'll need to make a whole new badge if you forget it. Got it? Good. Now let's get cracking on that badge, duderino!

Umber rolled his eye and leaned back a little. "A little bit of this thing goes a long way," Umber mumbled. The plucky Virgil created another window and loaded up the SCP_Badger program, running through the prompts in milliseconds.


ver 2.3.11

Connecting to syncsrv81…
Checking credentials…

Main Menu:
► New
▼ Copy

Loading program……100%

You have selected 'Copy'.
You will now be directed to the prompts for badge duplication.

WARNING: duplication of any badge will void the original!
Continue (y/n)? y

Do you have a valid badge you wish to duplicate (y/n)? n

Choose one of the following:
▼ The badge is missing

Please provide the 13-digit employee number:

Employee found:
NAME J. Abbot
DEPT Maintenance/IT

Please provide a new personal 6-digit PIN number:

syncsrv81 generating new security token…

Badge setup complete!
Please insert blank template into printer.

Congrats on your new badge, jack!

And just like that, it was completed. Umber craned his neck to see the printer on the far end of the server row. It was blinking yellow as if waiting on something. Umber pushed off from the desk and rode the rolly chair down the linoleum highway. His momentum puttered out about three-quarters of the way there. He huffed in frustration, clamored off the black plastic deskchair, and walked the rest of the way.

"You plug it in yet, partner?" the computer speakers blurted out. Umber winced, "I should have tried to mute it."

There was a thin slot, clearly used for inserting cards. Umber crammed the blank badge into the machine and watch the light shift from a solid yellow light to a blinking one. There was a rush of hot air as the fans kicked back on and the sounds of whirring motors and toner filled the cramped space. After about ten seconds, a new badge was produced. It had a new mutable matrix barcode and a fancy orange border. Finally, Umber had a badge.


Umber held it high in a feeling of triumph. The sneaking around. The stealing of items. The making of lewd noises on the toilet. The fall from the cieling. He was finally validated in his struggles. Things were finally starting to turn a corner.




"Uh… Ben? BEN!!!"

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