Lurk Work Dos

Umber's Inventory

Item Image Load
A Familiar bell.png N/A
Phone phone.png 2
Toad (Anaxyrus fowleri) sage.png 2
Swiss Army Knife Knife.png 1
Key Key.png 1

Emily's Inventory

Item Image Load
Book of Shadows book.png 2
Security Badge keycard3.png 1

Brightmatter (8/10) ○○○○○○○○●●
Umber's Load (5/6) ○○○○○○
Emily's Load (3/3) ○○○

The reactor might be an interesting detour, he thought. It was especially attractive considering it was the pipe that was labeled with the most recognizable context. 'Reactor', meaning the place where they make power. And 'Pool', meaning it must lead to some lounge area for the jailers. Nothing too dangerous there at least.


As Umber swam through the pipe, he could feel the darkness close in around himself and Ben. The brightmatter glowed and bathed the rusty inner walls with a soft light. Every few meters, Umber would pass by another partition of pipe connected with rivets and a thick flange.


Umber still had a decent amount of air to work with, much more than what a human could store but he was still vulnerable to drowning nonetheless. Up ahead he could see a gate valve that was swung open and plenty large enough for him to squeeze through.

"We having fun yet?"

In the darkness up ahead, a bloody red eye. Emily. Umber gurgled a response but swam toward her, which she seemed just out of reach no matter how much distance he closed. "I don't know this place to be honest. Never had a reason to visit this part of the facility. Well, never had a reason to because the radiation… it does weird things to me and I don't particularly like it. But you should be fine. I'll catch up to you later."

And with that, the eye faded back into the blackness. Umber rolled his eye. Whatever that was supposed to mean, he spoke internally. At least he could count on Ben. After another minute of swimming, Umber hit a split in the pipe. One end went straight up. The other went out to the right, or rather towards the east. Not really sure which to take, he looked to Ben for guidance. If Ben had shoulder however, it would have used them to shrug. Then Umber had another idea as he felt Sage squirm about in his pocket.

He pulled the toad out and held her out in front of him like a dowsing. It was apparent which direction Sage wanted to go, as her mucusy skin allowed her to slip out of Umber's grip and paddle up the vertical pipe. "Hey!" Umber cried at her in bubbles as he took off in the same direction. All three of them started up. As they got closer and closer to the end, dark turned to blue, then blue to teal. Then just as Sage cleared the rim of the pipe, there was an uneasy feeling of light permeating through the water. Sage steered back toward Umber, and he was able to capture her once again.

It appeared that they had entered a large tank of water holding. Stuffed in the corner were dark metallic rods bathed in a strange light. Umber could feel the humming through his body as well as the light mingling with his brightmatter in strange ways. There was also a ladder and Umber decided it'd be best not to stay in the water much longer. He clamored out and took a deep breath of air. Above was a platform that encircled most of the tank. There was a lead-lined hatch that was closed and locked from the other side but also a control panel that could be accessed.


Umber wringed out his robe on the platform and looked down at the rods. Each rod sat in a 4x5 grid, but with only 15 rods submerged in the water. The other row of five must have been housed in the other large cylinder that was coming down off the ceiling like a greek column made of lead. Umber rubbed his head and looked back at the panel. "Loooooooooooots of buttons."


Indeed there were. Sliders, gauges, buttons, all sorts of things to mess with. Umber stared at it all for a full minute wondering if one of these buttons was a self-destruct. Probably that big red one, he thought. As he panned his vision from right to left, he noticed that on side of the panel was a monitor, and on the monitor was a familiar face. "Oh great. Ben, help me turn this computer off before that purple idiot starts up." Umber said in a deadpan voice. As he spoke the magic words, a window on the screen prompted up.





Hey there, bossman. Name's Virgil and it sounds like you need help making changes to a fission reactor, today. How can I help?

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