Lurk Work Dos

Photos Taken

Umber's Inventory

Item Image Load
A Familiar bell.png N/A
Vest of Bullet Resistance vest.png 2
Book of Shadows book.png 2
Phone phone.png 2

Emily's Inventory

Item Image Load
Unrestricted Badge keycard4.png 1
Keys Keys.png 1

Brightmatter (4/10) ○○○○●●●●●●
Umber's Load (6/6) ●●●●●●
Emily's Load (1/3) ○●●

"Grab the keys!" ordered Umber as Emily swooped them up in her claws. Up ahead the large bulkhead peered out from the darkness as they disembarked the wrecked station. Ben was first to reach the large steel slab, tapping it gently just to make sure it was indeed impassable. Umber already started to work on it by the time he reached the controls.


"Ok, just like last time I believe. Purple is for the locks, green is for the door… right?"

Emily nodded in affirmation as she waited for Umber to perform the task. Umber rubbed his stubby digits together and began the arduous task of turning the wheels. With a slow click, the locks along the floor disengaged. Then the green wheel was turned and there was a painful squeal of metal on metal as it began to move.


It was dark and the air had turned stale with the ventilation deactivated. In the distance pipes groaned and water dripped from a crack in the ceiling. Umber, Emily, and Ben all stepped into the engulfing darkness. Now under the deep lake itself, they walked forward. Umber's glow provided some relief from the blackness, enough to see the polished concrete floor and the occasional cockroach as it skittered across the floor.

"Where are we going?" Umber asked to Emily who had seemingly taken point.

"I'm not wholly sure. I remember this place only vaguely. I know that it was further down but that is all."

"Ok, lets just walk quietly-"

"HOWDY, SLICK!" chirped a voice off to the side. A wall mounted screen flickered on and Virgil's icon appeared, staring at all three of them. Emily stopped in her tracks as Umber rushed ahead. "Virgil! Be quiet!"





Sorry bout that, casanova? Doing a little exploring are ya?

What? No. I mean… no. We are… um… trying to do some cell checks to make sure nothing escaped.

Ah, gotcha. Well some things did wind up escaping there, buster. Director has some plans and all to contain it, but glad to see all three of you are down here already. Should just be a short walk to each of your cells.

Our cells?

Well sure there, trigger. Director Aktus has labeled you as assets in the database already. MTF is going to be down here soon so I suggest all three of you get into your cells so there ain't no trouble.

Virgil, we are not getting into cells. You can tell the Director to kiss our-

I'm gonna cut you off right there, hoss. If you want my advice you outta head down toward the H-Wing and wait to surrender. I'll light a path fer ya so you can head that way. It is safe this way. Otherwise if they or something else catches ya, it might get real ugly. Now I like ya and like talking to ya, so I'd rather see ya intact after this is all over.

Umber raised a hand as if to scold Virgil some more but he was interrupted by the sudden string of floor lights illuminating a path straight south from where they were. Emily stepped ahead and looked back at Umber. "I can't be contained again… I just can't. I'd rather evaporate into nothingness."

He looked up at her. "Well being contained would really complicate the mission." Ben bobbed up and down in agreement. The only visible path diverged south but there were doors and other hallways along the way. Umber then took a moment to mull over his options.

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