Lurk Work Dos

Photos Taken

Umber's Inventory

Item Image Load
A Familiar bell.png N/A
Vest of Bullet Resistance vest.png 2
Book of Shadows book.png 2
Phone phone.png 2

Emily's Inventory

Item Image Load
Unrestricted Badge keycard4.png 1

Brightmatter (4/10) ○○○○●●●●●●
Umber's Load (2/6) ○○○○●●
Emily's Load (0/3) ○○○

After picking up the phone and book that were flung from the railcar, he turned on the phone's flashlight and begun to search the inside of the crumpled mess. It was at this time Umber truly paid any attention to the phone's battery life since he got it, which held at a measly 36%. He took a mental note of it as he stepped in through the broken door. Up at the top of the incline, he could make out faint beams of flashlights. Likely, it was the rest of the team coming for him. Umber simply smiled, as he knew it'd take them a good long while to get down onto his level without rail out of commission.


"PSSST! Emily? Are you aliv- are you here?"

There was a faint tapping on the glass on his left. He jerked his head to find a bloody red eye looking back at him through the clear container. Ben floated next to her to tap back. "Emily! Excellent… now let's get you out." Umber fumbled with the container for a few seconds before finally kicking it frustration. "Shadjar!"

Emily squinted and then glared back at him. "Oh, right… sorry."

Ben panned side to side before gently tapping on a button on the side. The glass cylinder popped open as the gas leached out and Emily expanded to full form. "uuuuuUUUUUUUUGGGGGGH! That. Was. Awful." She stretched out to fill the space and then compressed to a reasonable size. Umber nodded dutifully. "Glad to have you back with us."

"Good to be back… thank you, Umber."

"You would have done the same, Emily"



Emily bent down and scooped Umber into a tender and appreciative hug. Umber simply struggled, as this was most unbecoming of a serious cultist. What would Ben think? However, all Ben was thinking was the amount of time they were wasting. After an indecent moment had passed, Ben decided to gently prod the couple and refocus. "Right!" Umber cleared his throat as he was let go. All three of them then turned to the body of the now dead Zeta One. As if knowing what each was thinking, they quickly converged onto the corpse. Umber and Ben were searching for items that may be of use. As they did, he felt something rectangular in the left vest pocket and pulled it free. It was a red-bordered badge that looked fairly important. Emily was however mutilating the face of Zeta One, making an even bloodier mess.


"Er… Ok, I think we got something here. His badge. Emily, would you mind holding it?"

Emily gave one last rake across the lacerated skull before taking it from Umber. "Gladly. Ooooh, a red one. Wonder what it opens." Her bloodied claws did little to stain the already red badge.

"No idea, but there's other stuff here too."

Umber also set aside Zeta One's sidearm, his radio, a grenade, a large knife, and a set of keys.

He put them on the ground to rummage through if needed, but the more pressing issue was moving forward with the mission. Sure enough, their next obstacle lay directly in front of the crashed railcar. It was another large bulkhead door which blocked access to some of Site-81's most dangerous items, secrets, and who knows what else. Distant chatter echoed down the incline to Umber, Emily, and Ben. Just a reminder that they were still being pursued.

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