Lurk Work Dos

Photos Taken

Umber's Inventory

Item Image Load
A Familiar bell.png N/A
Vest of Bullet Resistance vest.png 2

Emily's Inventory

Item Image Load
Book of Shadows book.png 2
Security Badge keycard3.png 1

Brightmatter (4/10) ○○○○●●●●●●
Umber's Load (2/6) ○○○○●●
Emily's Load (0/3) ○○○

The lights of the railcar had already started to dim as it descended. Umber suddenly had an idea, though it was very risky. Just as he punched a hole into the water treatment building, he could blast his way into the railcar. He quickly thumbed through the book for dark tunneling and like before; he added the modifications for using light. As soon as he finished the final incantation of the spell, there was a great burst of radiant energy. Umber squeezed into a line of photons and aimed directly at the railcar. From his perspective, there was a very rapid kaleidoscope of colors rushing by. Most notably, there was a point when it all became very red.


After punching through to the other side of the railcar, Umber zipped another few hundred yards before finally puffing back into his regular form. He then tumbled for a few more seconds on to the tracks and eventually stopped. Luckily he was not all that harmed save for a few bumps. Umber propped back up and looked behind him only to see the careening mass of steel and glass coming down the steep tunnel. Apparently, he blasted through more than just brain matter and may have hit the control board in the front of the car that activates the remaining safety brakes.


Sparks and embers leaped onto the tracks like confetti as the rail car got closer. The frame shook violently from the vibration caused by the brakes, but gravity had quite a hold of it and was determined to bring it all the way down. It didn't take long for the last remnants of the brakes to melt as the railcar sped up.

"Second time today I am running for my life!" Umber said as he made a bold sprint down the steep incline. The growing brightness of the headlights and the screeching metal on metal wail were chasing him. There was another snap that could be heard from the top. It was the winch failing and finally snapping. Now there was nothing between the front of an out of control railcar and a solid concrete barrier to slow its progress, except for a small homunculus.

Umber was almost flying down the incline. He was actually surprised at his speed, although tripping at this rate would be disastrous. He concentrated hard at just keeping his feet in motion with his acceleration. Still the railcar was gaining on him. Below was the end of the line and the concrete barrier. Umber would have to jump and clear it if he had any hope of living through this. Four seconds from the bottom and the front of the steel box brushed his backside. "Ack!" he yelped as he pushed himself faster and finally into a harrowing vault over the barrier.



Glass, steel, cable, spell book, concrete, cell phone, and homunculus all went up into the air in a loud burst of air and noise. Umber was in free fall for a good five to six seconds until the ground caught up to him. He landed with a weighty thud and once again tumbled before stopping. Shards of a glass and rubble rained on top of him but luckily nothing bigger than a marble. His belongings were strewn across the floor and the ruckus down the tunnel was silenced for good. The smoldering and crumpled railcar now looked like a dented beer can. It lay snuggled against the cracked concrete barrier and was off its tracks. For sure, it would be a good long while until the jailers could repair the railway. It was totaled.


"Uggghhh…" Umber groaned.

Ben had been right behind him the whole way, but when you have a light speed head-start it is difficult to make any progress. Umber was alive… technically. His armored vest absorbed much of the forces during his tumble and he was in fair shape. Umber shakily propped up on his arms to collect himself and belongings. He was now under the lake in the deepest darkest parts of the facility.

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