Lurk Work Dos

Umber's Inventory

Item Image Load
A Familiar bell.png N/A
Phone phone.png 2
Toad (Anaxyrus fowleri) sage.png 2
Swiss Army Knife Knife.png 1
Key Key.png 1

Emily's Inventory

Item Image Load
Book of Shadows book.png 2
Security Badge keycard3.png 1

Brightmatter (8/10) ○○○○○○○○●●
Umber's Load (5/6) ○○○○○○
Emily's Load (3/3) ○○○

"You're right, we don't. We aren't here to start a war." And with that, the gang then dropped their items on the nearest shelf. "We should really be more focused on getting past that big door." Umber led them all back into the hallway and towards the large bulkhead. Sage once again gave a very loud and pronounced croak.


"What is with her?" Emily looked down at Umber's pocket.

"No idea, but we should keep moving." Ben was already at the door, floating along the seams of the metal slab and concrete walls to look for weaknesses. There was none. It was solid enough to take a direct hit from an energy blast, an acidic discharge, or some other destructive force. The locks on the bottom, which bolted it the bulkhead securely to the ground, looked just as tough, if not tougher. Even if Umber had a cutting torch, it'd take the better part of a night and day to cut into them. "Well… shadjar. Any ideas?"


Umber looked through his phone for those plans he pulled a while back. Going through the gallery he concentrated hard at one picture and then another. Emily looked over his shoulder to observe. Both of them stood in silent thought until Umber looked up at the ghostly woman. "Emily, can't you just… you know… go through it?" He pointed at the door with a stubby digit.

"I can. But how would I get everything else through there?"

"Fair point."

Sage then gave another croak, this time it rang loud and echoed against the walls of concrete.


"Sage, please be quiet." Umber bopped his pocket to get her attention. Sage wriggled a little but not much else. Ben started to float back down to the group, now convinced that there were no obvious points of entry like a vent or something but also interested in the sudden activity the toad was giving off.

"Maybe she's trying to tell us something?"

"Yeah? Like hurry up! Let's get this door open now." Umber said impatiently. "This our second time down here and it gives me the creeps."

"…is that because you died here?"

"Yes! Yes, Emily it's because I died here! Can you shut up about it!?!" Umber crossed his arms in a huff.

Emily didn't react much with her motions as she continued. "I understand. I would feel the same way." Umber sighed and rubbed his temples to try to shake off the strange vibes he was experiencing.

"Sorry. I don't mean to be snippy. I'm just- I'm frustrated. I feel like we're not making much progress and I'm not the most patient or used to working in teams."

"Neither am I. Actually it's rather nice." Her blank dead stare gave no indication as to her emotions, but the inflection in her voice certainly did. Umber nodded solemnly. "Yeah… it is." In reality, he had no idea what was going to happen to Emily after the mission was done with. It was not his place to bring others into the cult of new umbra, but at the same time, he did feel obligated to try and do right by her. Again, more things to shelve for after the mission. "OK. How about this door then?"

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