Lynnewood Hall

Item No: SCP-XXX

Containment Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Lynnewood Hall has been purchased by the Foundation. The buildings surrounding the mansion have been converted into Foundation research and surveillance facilities with the sole purpose of studying SCP-XXX.

The entrance to SCP-XXX is to remain sealed. Any personnel who enter SCP-XXX are to be considered lost, and are not to be pursued.

Description: SCP-XXX is the designation given to Lynnewood Hall, a mansion in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. The interior of SCP-XXX contains a massive spatial anomaly, which extends 3,840 meters below sea level and consists of roughly 1,500 different rooms and hallways. This spatial anomaly cannot be accessed by digging - attempts to dig underground to enter SCP-XXX have uncovered soil where the anomaly would be.

The entrance to SCP-XXX leads to the largest room recorded within the hall. This room contains fifteen doorways, all of which lead to the main spatial anomaly of SCP-XXX. All persons who enter these doorways are instantaneously transported to the spatial anomaly; if two or more people pass through different doors at the same time, they stand within five meters of each other upon entering the anomaly.

All human beings introduced within SCP-XXX undergo gradual sensory deprivation, which starts once a subject has been present within SCP-XXX for one hour. The order in which senses are lost is apparently random, and subjects exposed to SCP-XXX usually lose all senses as well as the ability to talk within four hours - however, simultaneous introduction of several subjects into SCP-XXX slows this process. The current status of entrants who have lost their senses is currently unknown; however, it is currently hypothesized that [REDACTED]. To date, only one individual (D-65941) has reached the lowermost room in SCP-XXX.

Addendum XXX-1: Relevant Documents

The following is a transcript of several documents found within SCP-XXX. These documents are believed to be journal entries written by Peter A. B. Widener, the last owner of SCP-XXX before its acquisition by the Foundation.

Addendum XXX-2: Exploration Log

Foreword: On May 10th, 20██, a party of three D-Class chosen for their loyalty to the Foundation was sent into SCP-XXX. The details of their exploration are contained within the following log.

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