Made of Clay

With a gust of wind, an autumnal blaze erupts around you. The red-orange firestorm dances wildly, gaily prancing about in celebration, before slowly pirouetting earth-bound. Dead.

They were never alive to begin with.

You hike along the remains of an old highway, barely visible beneath the foliage. Beyond the next hill lies your destination.

An internal clock clicks: 1200 hours. You pause. The flesh on the back of your forearm becomes translucent. A moment's concentration initiates the procedure.

Performing: "Diagnostics Summary: Personnel Vitals"





There are zero (0) Foundation personnel exhibiting life signs. You last ran this diagnostic 24 hours ago. The previous number of personnel exhibiting life signs at that time was zero (0).

Same as yesterday. And the day before that, for that matter.

Perhaps this can change though. Maybe you really can find the answers, put this whole ugly mess to rest. In fact, now is a good time to refresh yourself on the details of the case. With a thought, the file overlays your field-of-vision - manifested within your mind's eye.


Pictured: Several mounds containing the remains of individuals (12) affected by SCP-4001.

Item Number: SCP-4001

Object Class: Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: All remaining Foundation personnel are to continue research dedicated to ensuring the longevity of the human race. Artificial methods of preservation such as dynamic neural emulation and synthetic replicates for survivors are to be pursued.

Description: SCP-4001 is an unidentified entity or object which incites immediate behavioral alterations in exposed persons, compelling them to abandon societal obligations and begin walking. They will proceed towards areas uninhabited by humankind. It is capable of manifesting in the immediate vicinity of unexposed humans regardless of their location, as well as being able to exist in multiple places simultaneously.

The first noticeable symptom of the affected is a sudden melancholic disposition coupled with a complete disinterest in communication or social interaction. They will make no attempts to communicate directly with exposed or unexposed persons, but may occasionally vocalize broad apologetic statements.

Persons who are operating vehicles and machinery during exposure will calmly and safely cease activity - e.g., drivers will slow to a stop before turning off their vehicles, pilots will seek safe landing zones before attempting to disembark, etc. Caregivers for the young, the infirm, and the elderly will bring those they have supervisory responsibility over along with them provided they are in their immediate vicinity. Typically, these persons are similarly affected, and do not offer resistance.

It is speculated that affected persons are further subject to a probability-affecting anomaly. Attempts to either confine or restrict the movement of affected subjects have invariably failed. Electronic and manual doors open on their own; ropes, handcuffs, and other detainment apparatuses will loosen or unlock. No subjects have been observed being injured or killed during their travels, despite the fact that they do not seem particularly concerned with self-preservation.

Once outside the bounds of civilization, shallow graves large enough for each affected traveler spontaneously develop. The affected will self-inter, and the earth will fill back in. Once this occurs, all organic, non-osseous material composing the affected will immediately transubstantiate into clay minerals, leaving only skeletal remains.

History: SCP-4100 was first recorded affecting residents of the small mid-western town of

H--e-'s Glen

P-pula--n: 1,13-,_Madison,_WI11-1-2011_212.jpg

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