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SCHEMA has edited the contents of this document to comply with Foundation standards for accuracy, objectivity, and brevity.

Item #: SCP-5000

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5000 is effectively self-containing. Personnel with access to SCP-5000 are currently assessing its condition. All further action is left to their discretion.

Description: SCP-5000 is a section of a decommissioned Foundation site formerly designated Site-4A. SCP-5000 has become spatially isolated as of 2009-12-13, with the boundaries of the site acting as impenetrable physical barriers. Light and sound do not pass through the barriers of SCP-5000, and all exits are inoperable.

The exact moment in which SCP-5000 became isolated is unknown. Personnel within SCP-5000 have lost all episodic memories, and are incapable of any form of contact beyond SCP-5000.

Addendum: SCP-5000 Notes

The following notes have been directly added to this file by authorized personnel, in chronological order.

Hello? Is this reaching anyone?

This is Dr. Penrose, from the Foundation's Department of Analytics. If you can read this, please send help. There are four of us trapped in what appears to be a Foundation site, all of us Foundation personnel. The others are trying to find a way out, to no avail.

The terminal is prompting me to create an SCP file, and it won't let me save the document until I fill out the required fields. I'm going to enter the site in as an SCP, see if that does anything. If this document reaches the Foundation database, please edit it; I should be able to see the changes.

What is SCHEMA?

SCHEMA has edited the file. Whatever's up there isn't what I entered. Here's what I wrote:

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Unknown

Special Containment Procedures: No containment measures exist for SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a Foundation site. The entrances and exits to SCP-XXXX are inoperable, and the windows are blocked.

That's all I put in. SCP-XXXX just fills in a random number, I know that much, and all of my notes have been entered as "SCP-5000 Notes," which I can't remove for some reason. But before I even saved the document, SCHEMA added in its own procedures and description. Why is that?

Okay, if SCHEMA is what it says it is, then the updated file ought to be more "accurate, objective, and brief." Well, not really, because it's obviously not more brief, but it meets the "Foundation standard" for brevity now. Which means less brief, I guess. Looking over the new file, it's definitely more official-looking, which ticks off "objectivity." Accuracy, though, is… tough. I'll write down my thoughts later, I've got to inform everyone else.

Oh, great. I can't edit any notes I've already entered. Saved and stuck to the file forever. Gotta keep it brief, I guess.

It says in the new file that we're "incapable of any form of contact beyond SCP-5000." But I wrote this SCP file and saved it perfectly fine. That means one of two things. One is that SCHEMA is on these terminals, and is altering the files despite them not being on the database. That would be a weird thing for it to do, but more importantly, it clearly has information that we don't, which means that said information also has to be on the terminals. That would be a lot weirder, especially considering we can't access it if that's the case.

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