The Deus Dossier
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“Hello, is this-“


“Uhm, yes, hello. I’m calling about a case.”

“I’d assume so.”

“There are footsteps on my path, everywhere I walk. Every door I open has my name on it. Complete strangers greet me in the street with sympathy for my father’s illness, and I just moved in. This town knows everything about me. I feel like I’m going mad.”

“Well, I have good news and bad news. Good news is, you’re not crazy. Bad news is, you’ve been afflicted by a Chinese curse.”


“You’re living in interesting times, Ms. Mercier.”

Case #3531: A regular airplane, except its interior’s been sold out to Big Eldritch. Definitely don’t take a trip in it. Reports from the inside say the pilots are crazy, the passengers are oblivious, and everyone ends up missing or dead.

Relation to the Deus: I flew in the thing a few years back. Something

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