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Item#: 5000
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Specific protocols regarding the containment of SCP-5000 have been divided into sections. Personnel are recommended to familiarize themselves only with the protocols that pertain to their duties, with the exception of a set of guidelines that must be adhered to:

  • Site-38 personnel are prohibited from wearing purple clothing, carrying purple objects, or otherwise interacting with the colour purple within the 5 km exclusion radius around Site-38.
  • Access to the underground levels of Site-38 is now prohibited for all personnel lacking explicit underground clearance.
  • A disciplinary quota has been added to Site-38 regulations, requiring the termination of at least 5 D-Class personnel monthly.

Description: SCP-5000 is a plastic bag. Prior to Foundation acquirement, SCP-5000 was white in coloration. The bag bears no logo, nor any distinctive design.

Due to its material, SCP-5000 is incredibly malleable and light. This is by design, as the function of SCP-5000 was presumably to hold items as a means of conveniently transporting them; the malleability of the plastic aids in this function, allowing SCP-5000 to accomodate for a large amount of items. However, its material is also prone to tearing, making SCP-5000 unsuitable for the transportation of sharp or volatile items. Objects similar in design to SCP-5000 are used and operated across the globe.

Recovery: SCP-5000 was found by Agent Ferris during an investigation of anomalous activity in south Edmonton. Though not related to the mission, Agent Ferris opted to personally retrieve SCP-5000 for study. After this incident, SCP-5000 was taken to the nearest Foundation site for testing and examination. As soon as adequate containment procedures were drafted, plans to renovate Site-38 to accomodate for SCP-5000 were made immediately. Agent Ferris was terminated not long after.

Addendum-5000-1: Item History

After SCP-5000 was discovered, an investigation was launched into the item's history.

It was later discovered that an unreported outgoing shipment of plastic bags was scheduled for the day after the attack. Agent Houle was posthumously awarded the Foundation Star for taking initiative and defying orders to preserve normalcy.

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