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Revision 7 of SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: A digital copy of SCP-5XXX is stored within Site-7's central servers. Any site compromised by a 5XXX-× event is to have additional copies distributed in both digital and physical form throughout. As SCP-5XXX has mild memetic properties, a Foundation-produced countermeme is included within each redistributed copy of SCP-5XXX.

Efforts to recontain the original copy of SCP-5XXX are considered low-priority.

Description: SCP-5XXX is a psychology research paper containing a mild memetic hazard which compels readers to continue reading the text. The paper compiles several years of memetics research conducted by the researcher's team as well as the capacity of their organization's psychological research division. SCP-5XXX itself is entirely accurate to Foundation knowledge, and teams of researchers have been able to reproduce all of the effects detailed in SCP-5XXX.

SCP-5XXX has the secondary effect of imparting understanding regarding the fields of memetics and psychology. Knowledge is gained proportional to the amount of SCP-5XXX that has been read, with the full text imparting an instinctual understanding of memetics on par with memeticists who have studied the field for multiple years. Personnel who were previously unfamiliar with the field of memetics have demonstrated the ability to defend against basic memetic outbreaks (labelled 5XXX-× events, for the purposes of procedure) after studying the entirety of SCP-5XXX.


DATE: 1997/06/08

NOTE: This interview was conducted by Dr. Ames. The interviewee is Dr. Langford, the head of memetics research.


Ames: Hello, Langford. This interview is regarding SCP-5XXX.

Langford nods.

Ames: Your team has taken a great interest in the paper as of late.

Langford: Well, yeah. It's a fascinating paper. You know how the Foundation handles parascience research.

Ames: Right.

Langford: It's hard to explain. Memetics is a really involved field, and the Foundation hardly gives it any attention.

Ames: The Memetics Department is fairly new, in the scope of things. Give it some time.

Langford: Yeah, well, that's the thing! Look at how any other parascientific research org does things. Memetics has only really gained traction this decade, looking at all the parascientific data we have access to. What does everyone else do? They jump on it!

Ames does not respond.

Langford: This isn't just a one time thing. Like, uh, thaumaturgy.

Ames: We have plenty of research on thaumaturgy.

Langford: That's not my point. We only started thaumaturgy research last decade, meanwhile you-know-who have been practicing it since they were formed.

Ames: They are a military organization. We are a-

Langford: Again, not my point. This is about research. They never let us do research. We're finding danger where everyone else sees opportunities.

Ames: Well, if your team requires more funding, go through the proper channels. This interview is supposed to be about SCP-5XXX.

Langford: Right.

Ames: Now, I'm not a memetics expert, but is it possible that…

Ames pauses.

Ames: Is it possible that your team's continued interest in SCP-5XXX is a side-effect?

A brief silence.

Langford: Of the meme?

Ames: Yes.

Langford: No. I mean, we've done the research, we know how the effect works.

Ames: Right.

Langford: I'm actually developing a countermeme. Just to make it easier to study, y'know.

A brief silence.

Langford: Maybe you should take a look at it.

Ames: At SCP-5XXX?

Langford: Maybe, yeah. I know you're not a memetics expert, but… well, it's not exactly a dense field. I think you'll get something out of it.

Ames: I'll have to decline.

Langford: Yeah, okay. Still, it might show you why our team is so interested in it.

Ames: No thank you. This interview is over.


Following this interview, Dr. Langford's team was placed on close watch for any uncharacteristic behaviour. However, no suspicious activity was recorded for months, and the Memetics Department continued to produce sufficient research aided by SCP-5XXX. Dr. Langford's countermeme was successfully developed, allowing research into SCP-5XXX to be conducted without risk of memetic contamination.


DATE: 1998/03/17

NOTE: This interview was conducted by Dr. Ames. The interviewee is PoI-2423, a memetics researcher formerly employed by the GOC.


PoI-2423: Hey.

Ames: Hello. I'm here to ask you a few questions.

PoI-2423: About memetics, no doubt.

Ames: Right.

PoI-2423: I knew I'd get picked up somehow. What do you want to ask?

Ames: I understand your employment with the GOC has recently been terminated.

PoI-2423: Me and just about everyone else in the field.

Ames: I'm sorry about that. In any case, you've conducted a good amount of memetics research yourself.

PoI-2423: Mhm.

Ames: You've written a paper about it.

PoI-2423: Eh, it was mostly for reference. Most of our real research was purged from the database. Only in our heads now.

Ames: Why is that? Why has the GOC largely discontinued its memetics research?

PoI-2423: Well, we were doing a lot. Suppose it just wasn't practical anymore. Not like they use it all that much, any more than the basics.

Ames: Still, from an outside perspective, it seems counterproductive.

PoI-2423: I'm as much at a loss as you are. Memetics is a fascinating field, it's beyond me what they think they're doing. Besides, they've taken any memory of classified information.

Ames: But not your memetics research.

PoI-2423 chuckles.

PoI-2423: They used our research to take our memories. They couldn't figure out how to take our research without our help.

Ames: Yet they still discharged you, knowing the risk?

PoI-2423: Weird, isn't it? Maybe they were depending on something happening to us. Or, well, they probably just didn't want anything to do with us.

The two are silent.

Ames: Understood. That's all the information I need.


At the urging of Dr. Ames, PoI-2423 and all memetics researchers with past ties to the GOC were placed into Foundation custody to ensure their safety. Foundation agents were unable to reach the GOC for discussion on the subject. Ultimately, at the recommendation of Dr. Langford, a significant portion of GOC memeticists (including PoI-2423) were hired and placed within the Foundation's memetics research division. The remaining memeticists were given PoI status, mostly joining other small parascientific research groups under Foundation watch.


access inbox subj="regarding the mem"

1 match found. Displaying…


FROM: Iris Langford <tni.noitadnuof.pcs|i.drofgnal#tni.noitadnuof.pcs|i.drofgnal>

TO: Group "Site-7 Management", Group "O5 Command"

DATE: 1999/12/07

SUBJECT: Proposal Regarding the Memetics Department


You've seen the things my team has done, no doubt. SCP-5XXX no longer even scratches the surface of our understanding of memetics. With Berryman's expertise and the efforts of the rest of the GOC memeticists, it has only taken a few months for our work to pay dividends. We've been working on several practical project, including a memetic information security agent with the ability to severely psychologically incapacitate subjects, complete with an inoculation complex. The study of memetics could potentially eliminate the necessity of amnestics, intensive cybersecurity, and even strict disciplinary practice.

For these reason, I propose an expansion of the Memetics Department. This proposal includes a minor increase of the department's annual budget, as well as the defunding and annulment of the largely archaic Media Preservation Division (given the recent successful implementation of RAISA). The full proposal is attached below.


access "SCP-5XXX"


Revision 56 (latest) of SCP-XXXX

Item #: SCP-5XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All memetics research outside of Site-7 is explicitly forbidden. The spread of the original form of SCP-5XXX has been limited by 5XXX-A; it is effectively self-containing. A task force has been assembled to monitor SCP-5XXX-A behaviour for abnormalities. Site-7's Media Preservation Division has archived the full text of SCP-5XXX, and is to ensure that the text is not leaked to 5XXX-A or any other Foundation personnel. They are also responsible for preserving records of internal communication between 5XXX-A and preventing 5XXX-A from spreading the original form of SCP-5XXX.

Description: SCP-5XXX is a memetic agent. Exposure to SCP-5XXX induces suggestibility in a subject, priming them to receive information that they will unconsciously accept as true. SCP-5XXX is highly modifiable, and can be altered to include any information payload. SCP-5XXX is also highly volatile, and requires deliberate and precise alteration to be used effectively and consistently. All memetic agents currently known to the Foundation are derived from SCP-5XXX.

SCP-5XXX was discovered by former GOC memeticist Eric Berryman. Berryman was initially attempting to research the source of memetic phenomena, eventually coming across the existence of SCP-5XXX. He then, apparently unintentionally, included SCP-5XXX in text form in a memetics research paper. Due to its properties of suggestibility, SCP-5XXX, along with the associated context, inspired an obsession with the study of memetics among GOC researchers. The GOC eventually disbanded their memetic research efforts; it is theorized that upper management believed SCP-5XXX was a phenomenon arising from the study of memetics itself.

The original form of SCP-5XXX was soon brought to the Foundation with the discovery of Berryman's paper. The Foundation's memetics research capacity was affected in much the same way as the GOC's, although the Memetics Department continued with their efforts long before the Foundation discovered SCP-5XXX. The full extent of SCP-5XXX was discovered following a proposal by the head of the Memetics Department advocating a radical re-structuring of the site's operations exclusively in favour of memetics research.

SCP-5XXX-A is a group of 317 memeticists, comprising all known individuals affected by the original form of SCP-5XXX. 5XXX-A is entirely under the employ of the Foundation, performing all of the Foundation's memetic research.


DATE: 2003/07/17

NOTE: This interview was conducted by Dr. Ames. The interviewee is Dr. Langford, leader of 5XXX-A.


Ames: Hello, Langford. This interview is regarding SCP-5XXX.

Langford: Hey, that's exactly what you said last time.

Ames: Hm? You mean your last interview?

Langford: Yep. I still remember that.

Ames: Right. Well, we have a fairly comprehensive procedure. Anyways, I wanted to talk about the meme this time.

Langford: Of course.

Ames: I suspect you've been dishonest in your previous interviews.

Langford: Oh, do you?

Ames: We know how SCP-5XXX works.

Langford: Because we did the research on it.

Ames: Yes, because you did the research on it, and because the Media Preservation Division disclosed your research to us. The division which you attempted to shut down.

Langford: Yeah, yeah. So what's the point of this interview?

Ames: We're giving you your restructuring, for the most part. Aside from the Media Preservation Division, your annual budget has increased and your membership will more than double in the coming weeks.

Langford: What?

Ames: We've done this in hopes that you will disclose your intentions, and the truth regarding SCP-5XXX. The whole truth.

Langford is silent.

Langford: That's… unexpected.

Ames: You were right, you know. I was in doubt myself, but the study of memetics truly is one of the most significant parascientific disciplines to exist. This is the only way we can pursue that discipline. So, given that, I'd like to hear the truth.

Langford is silent.

Langford: You're not going to stop our research?

Ames: No. We will not fire anyone, we will not impede your study, we will not interfere with your work beyond Foundation guidelines. Which, by the way, you have violated before. I'm told you leaked a memetic agent into the newspaper of a small town?

Langford: Yes. The agent induced ambidextrousness. It worked like a charm, and the rate of industrial accidents dropped too. It told us a lot about the interaction between memetics and neurology, large-scale memetic phenomenon, collective confabulation, I could go on.

Ames is silent.

Langford: The agent exclusively affected Gerstwood residents, if that's what you're worried about.

Ames: You will not be conducting any more tests like that.

Langford: Mhm. And our personnel?

Ames: Any volunteering personnel will be allowed to join the department. The department will receive certain benefits to incentivize joining, given the inherent risk of memetic infection. You will also be allowed to recruit normally.

Langford: Well.

A brief silence.

Langford: What do you want to know?

Ames: For one, what have you and your team been hiding from us?

Langford: Well, let's see… we intentionally manipulated the original SCP-5XXX object class and containment procedures, hid our testing reports behind memetics contamination warnings, exaggerated figures, all of that.

Ames: I… right.

Langford: We also deliberately designed the digital memetics security systems with critical exploits.

Ames: You speak very casually about intentionally waging subterfuge against the Foundation.

Langford: I get to do my research, right?

Ames: Yes, of course.

Langford: Then I'm not particularly bothered. The Media Preservation Division has kept track of everything we've done so far. You can ask them for the specifics.

Ames: I'll make sure to do that.

Langford: Anything else?

Ames: Well, I'm going to advise that you start fixing the memetics security system.

Langford: Oh, yeah, of course.

Ames: Other than that, I suppose this interview is over.


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FROM: Sam Portis <tni.noitadnuof.pcs|s.sitrop#tni.noitadnuof.pcs|s.sitrop>

TO: Ryan Ames <tni.noitadnuof.pcs|2r.sema#tni.noitadnuof.pcs|2r.sema>

DATE: 2004/05/28

SUBJECT: Site-7 Restructuring

I'll be frank, Ames, I don't know what you're thinking.

You pushed for this restructuring harder than anyone, knowing it would get us all re-located and shoved off-site. Now it's been a year, and God knows what the new Memetics Department is getting up to. Don't you think it's a bit risky to let a team infected with some bizarre GOC memetic agent go around doing research unrestricted? Not just that, a team that's been proven to be actively disruptive and deceitful to the Foundation? We don't know what they're getting up to, no matter what they've supposedly agreed to.

send message to <tni.noitadnuof.pcs|s.sitrop#tni.noitadnuof.pcs|s.sitrop>


FROM: Ryan Ames <tni.noitadnuof.pcs|2r.sema#tni.noitadnuof.pcs|2r.sema>

TO: Sam Portis <tni.noitadnuof.pcs|s.sitrop#tni.noitadnuof.pcs|s.sitrop>

DATE: 2004/05/28

SUBJECT: Re: Site-7 Restructuring

Many things are risky. If you asked me, I'd say there are a couple of things that are worse for the Foundation than our current Memetics Department. To name a few, there's the potential information security risks mitigated by the Berryman-Langford kill agent, the cost of physical amnestics over memetic amnestic agents, and

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