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File last updated 14 January 1953. File digitized 1 March 1998.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: An exclusion zone 300 meters in diameter has been established at the boundary of SCP-XXXX's area of effect.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a tower within the Gibson Desert. Specific measurements and coordinates are impossible to specify, as all information about SCP-XXXX is subject to an antimemetic effect. SCP-XXXX is only visible directly: it is unable to be perceived through photos, thermal cameras, or any other form of imaging. Using various testing methods (see Addendum XXXX-1), the Foundation has been able to determine the general area of SCP-XXXX's effects. SCP-XXXX is assumed to be at the center of this range.

All viewers of SCP-XXXX agree that it is a tower, but usually do not agree on its shape, size, coloration, or material. Whether or not SCP-XXXX is a tower in a purely literal sense is unknown, as multiple definitions of the term "tower" have been observed, even when they are conflicting. Current theories assume that the form of SCP-XXXX corresponds to the viewer's most prominent definition of "tower."

SCP-XXXX was first brought to the attention of the Foundation during a third party 2-month expedition to survey the features of the Gibson Desert. Though all of the explorers agreed that there was a tower visible in the western area, none of the explorers initially agreed on the tower's form; however, after a short exchange, the explorers agreed that the tower present held a mind-affecting property. The Foundation intercepted this information before it could be reported to the explorers' governing body, and surveyed the area of SCP-XXXX soon after.

Addendum XXXX-1: SCP-XXXX Exploration

Relevant portions of the original personal log of an explorer (John Wilson) have been added to this document below. This log is the only pre-Foundation record of SCP-XXXX's existence as the survey records have been lost; this was likely due to SCP-XXXX's effect.

Day 24

We're finally through with the eastern area. All five of us are excited to leave that wasteland behind, which is quite a miracle considering that we never agree to anything. Moving westward, Walt swears he can see some sort of monolith in the distance. Nobody else can confirm this. We'll keep an eye on him, maybe the heat's gotten to him.

Day 25

As we got closer to the west, Ian and Pete say they can see it too. Me and Dave still see nothing, but now we're outnumbered. Walt says we should take a detour to investigate it. I strongly disagreed, as did both Ian and Pete (less strongly, but still). Dave seems interested, for some reason. I had to remind him, curiosity killed the cat. Still, I wonder.

Day 26

I can see it now, the tower is there. I don't know why it took me so long to notice. Dave still can't see it, and now I'm wondering if he isn't the one affected by the heat. I'm going to tell him to get some more rest tonight, hopefully he'll get his head on straight by tomorrow.

Day 27

Okay, we all agree, there is a tower. Now there's a new issue. Walt sees it extend into the sky, an unnaturally shaped thing, pitch black and far too tall. Ian and Pete agree that it is frighteningly modern, appearing to be of glass and concrete, yet such a design would be strange in these conditions. However, it is plain as ever to me that the construct is a humble tower of perhaps 30 meters, built in ancient rock. Dave agrees, but says it could not be more than 20. Walt's vision is quite troubling, but far more troubling are the disagreements. We are all in good health and mental condition, and for the life of us we cannot find the cause, unless we are delusional, or there is a preternatural force at play. Regardless, we cannot continue the expedition at this rate. I am declaring this survey over and all five of us agree (quite a miracle).

After this log was recovered, Foundation efforts were made to determine the exact nature of SCP-XXXX. A crew of five D-Class personnel (along with a supervising agent) were sent to SCP-XXXX without any information about the anomaly to simulate the conditions of the original expedition to confirm the antimemetic effects. D-11212 and D-44171 were both tasked with taking separate notes, however during the expedition D-44171 abandoned the crew. Relevant portions of D-11212's notes have been added below.

Ok, so we're finally here. I got no idea what we're doing here exactly, just lookin around by the sound of things. There's nothing around, but the one bald guy in our crew keeps telling us there's a tower, keeps pointing to nowhere. I told him to shut up about it and he got mad, kept sayin there was a tower like we didn't hear him the first time. Idiot.

Well I can see the tower now. Nobody else can, except the bald guy, because it's just my fuckin luck I end up on this crew of idiots. They keep saying there is no tower. There is a tower.

The bald guy took off while we were gettin to the tower, ran right for it. The agent tried to stop him but they weren't prepared. I can't blame him for wantin to escape but I don't see why he did it now, away from people and any chance of gettin back home.

  • the foundation irrationally believes that there is a tower and confabulates lies to make up for the fact that it doesn't exist
  • one agent finally gets a countermeme up and working after getting stranded in the "tower"
  • he is suspected of memetic warfare
  • ends with "there is no tower."
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