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Name: Kiyana Mazdaki


Material Requirements:

  • 24 wireless CCTV security cameras (16 already in my possession)
  • 24 1980s-era CRT terminals (7 already in my possession)
  • 6 workstation computers (already in my possession)
  • 5 bilateral holo-projectors
  • 600 (approx.) fairyflies
  • 1 Bertsk-Lowski thaumic-semantic distributor
  • 1 Bertsk-Lowski thaumic-semantic amplifier
  • 1 Bertsk-Lowski thaumic-semantic sorter
  • 1 gallon of industrial pesticide


Projectors and props will be used to furnish the exhibition with the archetypical fashions of the modern-day concrete jungle. In the same vein, 8 security cameras will be placed around the artificial city. Approximately 200 fairyflies will also be released within the exhibit. Eight CRT terminals will be dispersed around the exhibit, displaying a crude ASCII recreation of eight of the camera feeds.

Within all six buildings, there will be a large explosive device. The detonator for these devices will be placed in the center of the exhibit, clearly labelled; all indications will be given that operating the detonator will destroy the city and everyone in it.

A Bertsk-Lowski thaumic-semantic amplifier, distributor, and sorter will also be placed in the center of the exhibit, hidden underground. Respectively, these devices will intensify the natural scopaesthesia inherent to the cameras, distribute this property to the insects, and isolate the explosive's destructive force to objects carrying this property. If someone were to detonate the bomb, every camera, terminal, and insect in the exhibit would be destroyed; the buildings would stand tall and proud as if they were just built, and the hapless button-pusher will feel nothing, barring perhaps an instant regret and a slow, mildly shameful relief.

I've had a few opportunities to see the paranoid mind in action. No matter how rational a person may be, the right amount of panic can make anyone value the illusion of safety more than safety itself. If it stops the sinking feeling in your gut, you'll do anything eventually. If you're being watched, you've gotta turn around.


Ever since I moved, I've noticed two big problems endemic to all the major cities.

Both are omnipresent, pervasive, and completely inescapable. Both have the opportunity to be fatal in the worst cases. Both are anxiety-inducing by virtue of their existence, whether or not they present a clear threat. Both are commonly accepted with a stunning degree of indifference, dismissed just as something that comes with the territory.

There are a few major differences; chief among them is that one of these problems is solvable with a cheap household spray bottle.

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