SCP-XXXX feeding on a bird carcass (not visible). Photograph taken prior to containment

Containment Zone XXXX-1, prior to SCP-XXXX's placement within.

Item #: SCP-4XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-4XXX is a mobile, dome-shaped entity composed of 22 tree trunks. SCP-4XXX is carnivorous, feeding primarily on large mammals via rapid absorption of proteins. This is accomplished through the central trunk, while the remaining 21 trunks are used for ambulation.

SCP-4XXX is extremely hostile towards adult humans; however, SCP-4XXX seemingly does not recognize the existence of human children.

Recovery: SCP-4XXX was found in a small forest in the town of Quinceholm, Maine, after several police reports of a tree-like entity hunting the town's citizens.


DATE: 04/02/1999

NOTE: This mission was conducted prior to extensive testing; personnel were not aware of SCP-XXXX's hostility towards adult humans.



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