SCP-XXXX: "What You Make Of It"

Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Safe-Euclid-Keter1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3XXX is currently housed within a specially designed collapsible containment chamber, designated Chamber 3XXX-Alpha, and possesses the properties of being steel, hollow, collapsible, gaseous, transparent, microscopic, living, a bacterium, a contaminant, opaque, bacteriophagic, and owned by the Foundation. In the event that SCP-3XXX becomes indistinguishable from Chamber 3XXX-Alpha, it is to be collapsed to a size of 0.7 m3 and housed within a second collapsible chamber, designated Chamber 3XXX-Beta. This will be repeated as many times as is necessary. As the sterilisation process for Chamber 3XXX-Alpha has clearly not been sufficiently thorough, it is recommended that staff take special care with Chamber 3XXX-Beta, lest the entity become conceptually identical to a microorganism or particulate of dirt.

While SCP-3XXX is perfectly capable of hosting mutually exclusive attributes, staff are recommended not to observe the entity directly if they tend towards existentialism or deep introspection. Any persons who feel their understanding of reality is insufficient to comprehend SCP-3XXX are to visit the Site-## psychologist at their earliest convenience.

Description: SCP-3XXX is an undefined physical entity capable of taking on the conceptual aspects of any object or substance it is in contact with. As SCP-3XXX has no properties of its own, its precise nature can be regulated simply by altering its surroundings.

The 'borrowing' process is not harmful to the original object or substance (except in cases where SCP-3XXX acquires the concept of being harmful), and does not alter the original's conceptual makeup. The process occurs sporadically and seemingly randomly over the course of several days —experimentation with objects closely tied to the concepts of high speeds and slowness have proven moderately successful in changing the length of this period, increasing and decreasing it respectively. No tested method has yet been able to halt the process completely, and experimentation with conceptually null substances and/or anti-concepts is currently forbidden, due to the possibility of irreversibly excising SCP-3XXX from existence. All concepts borrowed by the entity will cease to apply once it is no longer in contact with the relevant object or substance.

Testing with SCP-3XXX is currently ongoing. See Document 3XXX-002 for more details.

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