SCP-6555: "The Meme That Wasn't"
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Portion of SCP-6555-1, edited to remove info-transferal triggers.

Item #: SCP-6555 (placeholder draft number)

Anomaly Class: Euclid N/A (pending Thaumiel reclassification)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6555 is a Foundation-operated anomaly, and therefore requires no containment besides the safety procedures outlined in the project specification (Document 6555-Alfa). These are to be upheld under all circumstances, due to the risk of a catastrophic timeline failure if protocol is breached. Should any complications arise during the execution of Stage 2 of SCP-6555, the Department of Temporal Anomalies' esoteric assets are to be immediately mobilised and tasked with correcting any errors.

When Stage 2 of SCP-6555 is completed, the anomaly is to be considered entirely controlled and re-classified from Euclid to Thaumiel. The Retrograde Protocol is currently in effect. All DoTA personnel are advised to secure themselves to their time of origin, pending history realignment. Alternate containment procedures will be produced in the new timeline, as per standard Foundation protocol.

Description: SCP-6555 is an anomalous project undertaken by the Foundation under the authority of Directive: Clockwise1. SCP-6555 consists of three main stages, listed as follows:

  1. The creation of a visual memetic agent (SCP-6555-1) capable of conveying, in a compressed and easily accessible format, the details of all tasks undertaken by the Foundation's Department of Temporal Anomalies since its creation (up until its dissolution in ██/██/████ alongside the rest of the Foundation).
  2. The development of technology capable of making SCP-6555-1 a temporally delocalised meme — in essence, a packet of information that persists in certain Foundation-controlled media across all points in time. Alterations to the meme's structure and contained information would be applied 'simultaneously' at all points, allowing effortless communication between iterations of the DoTA at any time in the past or future.
  3. The encoding of the details of the method of producing SCP-6555-1 within SCP-6555-1 itself, allowing it to be used before Stage 2 of the project is officially completed. The dangers associated with using a technology before its invention are deemed an acceptable risk, given the project's ultimate benefit to the Foundation and humanity as a whole.

The end result of SCP-6555 is expected to be a sharp increase in the efficacy of DoTA operations (terminating in an approximately 100% success rate), the development of the world's first infallible method of time travel, and the containment and/or neutralisation of every temporal anomaly occurring between the start and end of the current timeline.

At the time of writing, only Stages 1 and 3 of SCP-6555 have been completed. SCP-6555 is currently being re-documented. See the attached Event Timeline for more details.

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