SCP-4XXX: s̲n̲a̲c̲k̲
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Item #: SCP-4XXX

Object Class:

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: Devised by an unknown group in early 2011, SCP-4XXX is the Foundation designation given to snack, an indeterminate substance of incredibly high nutritional value. Consuming one 'portion' of SCP-4XXX is sufficient to provide a subject with their full dietary requirements for that day, with no adverse side-effects or detriments to the subject's health. The substance is able to be consumed by any willing human in close proximity1, and leaves no trace — it is essentially excised from existence. Interviews with subjects known to have consumed SCP-4XXX reveals that it tastes 'bland, slightly warm, and not unappetising'.

SCP-4XXX is able to be produced by a poorly understood process, or 'recipe', calling for several esoteric and abstract ingredients, including but not limited to:

  • Two eggs, each from a genetically distinct source;
  • 300 grams of flour;
  • 2.5 tablespoons of leavening agent, most commonly baker's yeast;
  • A single 9 Volt battery;
  • Curiosity2;
  • Three grams of Sodium phenylbutyrate;
  • Two electrodes, one each of either copper, zinc, iron, or bronze alloy;
  • Salt and sugar to taste;
  • Cell scrapings from the cheek of a living human being unaware of the existence of SCP-4XXX;
  • An abstract construct to use as a 'base'.

When performed correctly, this process instantaneously converts the base construct into snack at a metaphysical level, with physical changes occurring between 0.3 and 0.5 μs later. Precise details of the method of creating SCP-4XXX are redacted at Level-5/4XXX/Provisional clearance.

Addendum | :

Purpose of experiment: Control test to establish baseline effects.

Base construct: "Researcher Jenson's 30 cm ruler."

Consumed by: D-11424.

Result: Base was converted to snack with no observed change in physical properties, and removed from existence post-consumption. D-11424 reported feelings of general satisfaction and well-being, and requested further experimentation. All attempts to place a 30 cm ruler in Researcher Jenson's possession have since failed, and they have been provided with two 15 cm rulers marked 0-15 and 15-30.

Purpose of experiment: Control test to establish baseline effects.

Base construct: "The steel bar licensed for SCP-4XXX testing, currently situated within Testing Chamber #234 at Site-19." Note that no such object was present.

Consumed by: D-11424.

Result: snack was produced, but remained abstract. Eventually was able to be consumed by ordering D-11424 to fill out the related paperwork for the steel bar's acquisition, causing them to be considered in 'proximity' to said concept. Subject reported that the snack tasted slightly metallic.

Purpose of experiment: Extension of previous test.

Base construct: "The steel bar licensed for SCP-4XXX testing, currently situated within Testing Chamber #235 at Site-19." Such an item was present, but not licensed for use.

Consumed by: D-11424.

Result: Concept was converted into snack. Prior to consumption, the SCP-4XXX testing license was completed, and the aforementioned bar was replaced by snack once its metaphysical nature changed. It retained all physical properties, and was consumed shortly after its conversion.

Purpose of experiment: Investigate informational removal properties and possible use as a search/destroy tool.

Base: "The string 231483.8194/8647843/267859367.015-161674/3651501-165 within Document XXXX-1."

Consumed by: D-11424.

Result: String became snack and, while still initially readable, was consumed shortly afterwards. As the concept of the string within the file no longer existed, the insertion of an identical string was deemed logically impossible.

Purpose of experiment: Destabilise GoI-099 ("Paragon International"), a group with the intended goal of utilising anomalies to influence world affairs.

Base: "GoI-099's case files."

Consumed by: Agent Alistair Faunce, an embedded agent within GoI-099.

Result: Operation partially successful. The relevant files became snack, but retained their informational content, allowing them to be digitally copied once the group became aware of the change. Agent Faunce was able to consume 19% of all files before his detection, and reported mild indigestion.

Base: "Lanting."

Consumed by: O5-4.

Result: Unclear. No persons recall the definition of 'Lanting', or whether it constituted a verb or a noun. The capitalisation suggests a proper noun of some kind, but that is just as easily attributed to a formatting choice. The reason for its consumption is unknown.

Purpose of experiment: Investigate SCP-4XXX's potential counter-offensive applications.


  • Intended: "D-11424"
  • Actual: "The Foundation's Ontological Anomalies Department."

Consumed by: N/A.

Result: The preparation of SCP-4XXX was not of a sufficiently high standard, and the targeted base was instead the Foundation Department performing the experiment, which became snack despite supervising staff's best efforts to revert the change. Those persons in sufficient proximity to consume it were determined to be those with frequent interactions with the Department, and a programme of mass reallocation of staff and resources is ongoing, expected to be completed around June 2014.

The Foundation Guide to Internal Departments has been updated to instruct personnel to avoid interacting with the O.A.D., until such time as it can be safely consumed.

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