SCP-4XXX: "Sidetimeways"

Item #: SCP-4XXX

Anomaly Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-4XXX is a spherical region of space, centred around the white dwarf star LP 145-141 and extending approximately 2.4 AU1 from its centre. SCP-4XXX's lone anomalous property is the existence of a second temporal dimension within its boundary.

Ordinarily, time as we know it passes along what is commonly referred to as a timeline — within SCP-4XXX, it passes along a timeplane, a two-dimensional region where multiple causal 'paths' can exist at once, sharing the same space but progressing in different directions. Each path occurs according to a different event chain, and regions in which two or more such paths intersect are spatiotemporally identical in multiple causalities. In Layman's terms, SCP-4XXX is an area within which multiple possible outcomes of multiple possible starting conditions exist, separated by means of an otherwise inaccessible variable.

Viewing SCP-4XXX externally simply presents an ordinary view, as one can logically only perceive the one-dimensional sliver of the timeplane that runs parallel to our own timeline. Within the region, however, alternate paths can be observed and accessed in a controlled manner by means of a Temporal Distortion Engine modified to account for the additional dimension — as moving forwards and backwards along a single line has already been accomplished with conventional time-travel, expanding the principle to two temporal dimensions is largely trivial. Without the aid of a TDE, or similar apparatus, matter is frequently offset through the dimension at random intervals by small but varying amounts. The trigger for this is unknown, but believed to be an acceleration related to entropic decay, radiation emission, mass, and a property of elementary particles nonexistent in conventional one-dimensional time.

10:05 PM <&MaliceAF> I love thinking about stuff like that
10:05 PM <&MaliceAF> extra dimensions and stuff
10:05 PM <&MaliceAF> but no, what I'm talking about isn't Hypertime, it's… it's to time what width is to depth
10:06 PM <&MaliceAF> it's another way things can causally interact
10:07 PM <&MaliceAF> instead of a timeline, you get a timeplane
10:08 PM — &BusyVolt nods
10:08 PM <&MaliceAF> three temporal dimensions would be insanely trippy, because you'd get a timecell, and I have no fucking clue what that would end up like
10:09 PM <&MaliceAF> it's like
10:09 PM <&MaliceAF> Imagine you're standing in a room
10:09 PM <&MaliceAF> you are moving forwards in time
10:10 PM <&MaliceAF> things around you are changing, people are moving about
10:10 PM <&MaliceAF> now pause time
10:10 PM <&MaliceAF> now, start moving sideways in time
10:10 PM <&MaliceAF> things start happening… differently
10:10 PM <&MaliceAF> you're still in the same position in space
10:11 PM <&MaliceAF> but things progress in different directions
10:11 PM <&MaliceAF> in a 2Td universe this would happen constantly
10:11 PM <&MaliceAF> with a potentially infinite number of progression lines intersecting and interacting
10:11 PM <&MaliceAF> branching and crossing across the timeplane
10:12 PM <&VaraxiOS> That sounds rad
10:13 PM <&MaliceAF> because you've still got 3 spatial dimensions, so they all share a universe
10:13 PM <&MaliceAF> it's not a multiverse-type deal
10:13 PM <&MaliceAF> but… yeah
10:13 PM <&MaliceAF> I think I could have some really cool, trippy stuff happen
10:15 PM <&BusyVolt> Write it

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