SCP-BOX: "Contained Within"

Item #: SCP-BOX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-BOX-A and -B are two approximate 2 by 2 by 2 metre cubes, each hollow and constructed from irregular steel plating. At the time of writing, the objects are the centre of a logical anomaly, characterised as follows:

  • SCP-BOX-A is contained within SCP-BOX-B, with a ten centimetre gap between the two.
  • SCP-BOX-B is contained within SCP-BOX-A, with an indeterminate gap between the two.
  • SCP-BOX-C, a non-anomalous crowbar, is contained within SCP-BOX-B, but not SCP-BOX-A.
  • SCP-BOX, defined as the system as a whole, will sporadically undergo HEINLEIN-Class Logical Reassertion Events, with an average of 6 months between recorded events. These events can be prematurely triggered by any major change in SCP-BOX's surroundings.

Currently, no method of opening SCP-BOX-A or -B has been found. See the below experiment log for more information.

Addendum | Abridged Experiment Log:

Experiment #: BOX-001

Procedure: D-008201 will attempt to collect a sample from SCP-BOX-A by means of a wire brush.

Result: D-008201 was unable to access SCP-BOX-A, as it was inside SCP-BOX-B. When instructed to instead try to collect a sample from SCP-BOX-B, the subject was unable to, as the object was contained within SCP-BOX-A.

Experiment #: BOX-002

Procedure: D-008201 was instructed to make contact between SCP-BOX and the aforementioned wire brush.

Result: As the brush was in contact with SCP-BOX-A, it was logically asserted that it must therefore also be within SCP-BOX-B. All attempts to retrieve the equipment have failed thus far, given its position alongside SCP-BOX-A in SCP-BOX-B.

Experiment #: BOX-004

Procedure: D-008201 was instructed to make direct physical contact with SCP-BOX.

Result: D-008201 was in contact with SCP-BOX-B, triggering a HEINLEIN-Class event. D-008201 has since been located within SCP-BOX-A. No physical injury was sustained by the subject, and containment procedures have been updated to ensure their survival. D-008201 has thus far been unable to penetrate SCP-BOX-A from the inside, as that would require first penetrating SCP-BOX-B.

Experiment #: BOX-010

Procedure: SCP-BOX was transferred to a free-standing storage unit outside Site-###.

Result: SCP-BOX underwent a HEINLEIN-Class event, resulting in the storage unit being contained within SCP-BOX-A, or possibly D-008201. This has not yet prevented the unit from acting as containment for the object.

Experiment #: BOX-017

Procedure: Storage Unit-BOX-01 was rained on during a period of inclement weather.

Result: D-008201 reported the space between SCP-BOX-A and -B filling with water, but it thankfully drained into SCP-BOX-B, meaning it was no longer in contact with SCP-BOX-A. Storage Unit-BOX-01 has since been modified to allow for proper drainage, though progress was hindered by the containment of the construction team within SCP-BOX-B.

Experiment #: BOX-022

Procedure: SCP-BOX was the subject of a full visual examination, from both the interior and exterior.

Result: The following inscription was found on the exterior of SCP-BOX-A:

Your noble pain and mercy cruel
Cannot protect and not contain
Yet still you deign
To play the fool
We now remove what must remain

And yet can't face to bring anew
Another lone imprisoned tool
Within this you'll
Find nothing new
To trap forever — Are we cool?

As SCP-BOX-A was and is contained within SCP-BOX-B, the inscription has not yet been read.

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