SCP-4000 Notes



Essentially, my idea is as follows:

-> "The decade of the 90s is being retroactively filled with temporal anomalies."

-> "Keeps having been gotten/getting worse and worse."

-> "Gets to the point where the Foundation could no longer have kept them secret and contained, even with support from the future!Foundation; this causes the veil to have been broken, resulting in a couple of decades of a broken masquerade scenario."

-> "O5s in this new, post-veil Foundation make a decision to rip out the entire decade, essentially gluing together the timeline like two pieces of string."

-> "Against all odds, it works."

-> "Society continues along its ordinary path, with amesticisation and false-memory implants (imperfect, but better than nothing)."

-> "Everything seems to be going swimmingly. Anomaly is deemed Neutralised."

-> "Foundation detects a faint signal emanating from the crunch-point (where the 90s used to be)."

-> "Turns out it's the people in the decade reaching out, trapped in an endless ten-year loop of timeless horror where effects precede causes and nothing makes sense."

-> "The O5s seals off the whole project, locks up the archives and deletes the files. Nobody can know."


  • …Later with Jools Holland
  • Kennedy assassination
  • Footage of the Gulf War
  • General panic
  • Oasis, and their 543rd studio album "Anti-Anti-Clockwise"


Have alternating sections of tachyon detector array logs and articles, all bundled in the database?


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