SCP-4000: "The 90s Called..."




File: SCP-4000-MAIN.scp
Special File Requirements: extratemporal storage; variable chronolock
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Current date: 01/01/2000

Item #: SCP-4000

Anomaly Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All 4000-Type Phenomena are to have been contained as soon as possible after their point of generation. Provisional Task Force Gladstone-44 ("Plot Holes") has been established to monitor the timestream, ensure no malignant paradoxes remain extant, and (under the authorisation of the Department of Temporal Anomalies) utilise non-standard temporal passage to rectify any paradoxes that do arise as a result of SCP-4000.

All collected information on SCP-4000 is to be backed up within Exclusionary Site-01, and placed under variable chronolock to maintain cohesive documentation between alterations. This also applies to lists and details of 4000-Type Phenomena, records of PTF G-44, records of personnel assigned to study the anomaly, and records of the documentation of the aforementioned subjects. Any notable deviations from established documentation are to be recorded in the same manner.

In the event that a TX-Class Temporal Malfunction scenario arises as a result of SCP-4000, research is to immediately begin into a method of reconstituting the timeline from base components and whatever events remain intact. Should a CK-Class Reality Restructuring event occur as a result of SCP-4000, the Foundation-analogue in the new reality with goals most closely aligning with our own are to be given access to Exclusionary Site-01's archives and instructed on how best to proceed.

Description: SCP-4000 is the designation given to the temporal 'tumour' currently developing on Earth during the year 1995 between the years 1993 and 1996 1990 and 1999. The effects of SCP-4000 are not yet fully understood, but appear to result in the retroactive development of a wide variety of temporal anomalies (4000-Type Phenomena) around that time, altering the course of history between then and now. This frequently causes the 1990s-era Foundation to have contained or neutralised the specific anomaly at the time of its manifestation, resulting (in most cases) in present-day containment. There are currently [654] 4000-Type Phenomena contained by the Foundation, with around [300] contained by other organisations, [143] known to be uncontained and an estimated [200] yet undocumented.

The generation of 4000-Type Phenomena occurs (if current analysis is to be believed) at an approximate rate of one per week, with bursts of up to 50 simultaneous phenomena occurring with increasing regularity. No method of predicting either the rates of occurrence or natures of 4000-Type Phenomena has yet been discovered. A timeline of SCP-4000's progression as understood by the Foundation is recorded below.

Date Event summary
12/06/1995 First temporal anomaly caused by SCP-4000 documented and classified as SCP-███.
23/09/1995 Three further anomalies with similar properties are catalogued, "EE-4000" used as a collective designation during the following research period.
02/01/1996 First known retroactive change to history, causing the generation of four further 4000-Type Phenomena in 1994-95. Discrepancy with ES-01 records noted, and SCP-4000 is officially designated an active, Euclid-class anomaly.
29/04/1996 Research Site 4000-1 is established, with the singular goal of researching and devising containment for both SCP-4000 and 4000-Type Phenomena in general.
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##/##/#### SCP-4000 causes the development of up to three dozen further anomalies as early as 1991, resulting in it having been initially classified many years earlier. While this facilitates easier containment of 1992-99 phenomena, advancements are negated by the death (or functional loss) of several prominent temporal researchers.
##/##/#### The year 1996 is removed from the timeline by SCP-4000, replaced with an altered copy of the year 1993. Many elements carry over, but Research Site 4000-1 is irretrievably lost. Due to their inability to perceive external temporal influences, the general public remains largely unaware of SCP-4000's existence.
##/##/2008 SCP-4000 causes the causal relationship between the concepts life and death to be skewed. This results in minor (~200 seconds) ageing or de-ageing in 90% of the human population alive during the anomaly, and more severe symptoms among those with artificially extended lifespans. Overseers O5-2. O5-9, and O5-10, as well as several other functionally immortal humans, undergo massive temporal emesis and are placed into containment. As they retain consciousness and full control of their mental faculties, they remain on the Overseer Council.
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##/##/#### todo
##/##/2029 SCP-4000 results in a failure of the veil protocol on 07/12/1997, when the Palace of Westminster (London, England) spontaneously deconstructs, killing all those who were inside at the time. On 10/12/1997, an O5 summit was caused to have been undertaken to determine the most sensible course of action. The outcome of this is unknown, as no further records of the anomaly have been found to exist either within ES-01 or on the standard Foundation database.

SCP-4000 is currently awaiting reclassification to Neutralised, pending O5 approval.

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