SCP-4XXX (TyGently's untitled draft)

Item #: SCP-4XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Persons believed to have SCP-4XXX are to be contained and interviewed for information on the status of SCP-4XXX-1. Due to the short life expectancy of sufferers, no containment of SCP-4XXX's spread is necessary at this time.

Description: SCP-4XXX is an incredibly rare genetic condition in humans, closely related to genes associated with colorblindness, and characterised by anomalous alterations to sensory perception. Humans with SCP-4XXX perceive with sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste an alternate reality, SCP-4XXX-1, in which extraterrestrial contact incited a global nuclear conflict, wiping out all life on Earth on November 30th, 2014.

Humans with SCP-4XXX perceive only SCP-4XXX-1 with all senses except for touch, with which they are able to sense objects in both SCP-4XXX-1 and baseline reality. As such, communication can be established by sending messages in Braille or raised print, and receiving written or spoken responses.

Using force in baseline reality, people with SCP-4XXX may be pushed through objects in SCP-4XXX-1 they perceive to be solid, although this experience has been described to be intensely painful, and has resulted in what appear to be psychosomatic approximations of the symptoms of blood poisoning. Due to the difficulty of performing tests in SCP-4XXX-1, it is currently unknown if this can be performed in reverse, to move through objects in baseline reality.

People with SCP-4XXX did not experience any anomalous effects until the point at which SCP-4XXX-1 diverged from baseline reality, on November 20th, 2014. After this point, divergence increased rapidly, and as such prolonged navigation has become increasingly difficult due to the frequency of blockages and impassable obstacles in either reality.

Those exhibiting SCP-4XXX can perceive other sufferers of SCP-4XXX in SCP-4XXX-1, but to date none have witnessed another living human or animal in SCP-4XXX-1 since the date of the nuclear conflagration.

Due to SCP-4XXX's extreme rarity, visibility, and heritable nature, it is likely that occurrence of the condition will become almost nonexistent in coming decades, before dying out entirely.

Addendum 1: Timeline of SCP-4XXX-1

November 20th, 2014: An immense, oblong craft is sighted passing the Moon, en route to Earth, apparently having travelled from the direction of Alpha Centauri.

November 24th, 2014: The craft enters Earth's atmosphere, decelerating through unknown means and stopping four kilometres above Madrid, Spain. A Foundation cover-up ensues, but mass amnestic dispersal is only partially effective, as many major governments elect to eschew secrecy in order to address the extraterrestrial contact openly. The alien craft takes no actions and responds to no stimulus.

November 29th, 2014: The alien craft begins transmitting a radio signal, transmitting the following text, in Spanish, through Morse code. Afterwards, the message repeats in English, then Chinese.

we were taking in, learning to speak. we have a message for the gene scarred: the outcome of your procreation (has been/will be) breaking regulation, resulting in great discomfort. by regulation such ancestors are [i didn't finish this section lol]

November 30th, 2014: Following mass public speculation on the nature of the message and what possible punishment could follow, a nuclear exchange occurs with unclear origination. The vast majority of humanity's nuclear arsenal is fired, and Earth is rendered uninhabitable. All humans with SCP-4XXX survive unscathed, regardless of exposure or proximity to nuclear detonations. The alien craft is presumed to depart.

Addendum 2: Further Investigation

As part of an operation to gain as much knowledge of SCP-4XXX-1 as possible, members of MTF Gamma-103 "Radium Girls" assisted two SCP-4XXX-positive humans in breaching the central database of SCP-4XXX-1's Site-30. They were instructed to retrieve the extent of the Foundation's knowledge on SCP-4XXX-1.

While the Foundation in SCP-4XXX-1 failed to prevent disaster, they were able to perform significant analysis on the alien craft, discovering that it was likely unmanned and possessed a distinct drive signature that could be used to identify the craft from a distance.

With this information recovered, a radar telescope was used to identify any potential versions of the alien craft within baseline reality.

A match was found, at a point between Earth and Alpha Centauri. However, the signal source was detected moving away from Earth, rather than towards it.

The signal source's velocity suggests that it would have been at or very near Earth on November 30th, 2014. The full implications of this are currently unknown.

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