Malice's "Department of Temporal Anomalies" Stuff

The plan:

  1. [] SCP-3176: Estimated Time of Arrival
  2. [] Conservation of Bullshit
  3. [X] Protocol "Tangential Citrus"
  4. [X] d(dt/dτ)/dt
  5. [X] Rebriefing
  6. [X] Killing Then
  7. [X] Intermission Impossible
  8. [X] A TAD Offensive
  9. [X] Objectively Classless
  10. [X] Everywhence
  11. [X] The Life of Your Time

The main story stuff:

  1. SCP-3176 ("Estimated Time of Arrival")
    • Can be used for the "Kairos" object class
    • Establishing work for Alice Forth, cements use of temporal anomalies
    • See here
    • Status: [COMPLETED]
  2. "Conservation of Bullshit"
    • Establishing work for Agent Richard 'Dick' Miguel
    • Pre-hiring retirement plan
    • See here
    • Status: [COMPLETED]
  3. "Protocol: "Tangential Citrus""
    • Set in a pleasant cafe
    • Agent Dick Miguel talks to his colleague Jorge Marquez about why he always carries a tangerine
    • End it with something humorous and citrus-related
    • Status: [NOT YET STARTED]
  4. "Rebriefing"
    • Set mainly in the Diner Out Of Time
    • Forth pulling Miguel out of retirement to do… something
      • Sneaks him the Fataliser, an anomaly designed to prevent him dying by making him die until he doesn't.
    • Explains the DoTA/TAD discrepancy
    • Status: [NOT YET STARTED]
  5. "Killing Then"
    • Jack the Ripper is actually an anomalous entity with extremely weird properties
    • Used by the DoTA to acquire D-Class
    • Maybe a separate tale in which the TAD try to neutralise him, but Forth steps in and yanks him out of time, much to Xyank's consternation?
      • This is going to be "A TAD Offensive"
    • Titanic!
    • Status: [NOT YET STARTED]
  6. "Objectively Classless"
    • Forth travels back to create a new object class, in order to stop people interfering with DoTA stuff
    • Follow it up by altering already created articles to contain the "Kairos" object class
    • See if I can get other authors on board with the idea
    • Don't post until there are at least 4 or 5 applicable articles
    • Postscript hints at finale?
    • Status: [NOT YET STARTED]
  7. "The Life of Your Time"
    • Everything is fine until it isn't, and then it always was
    • Finale
    • Epilogue — Xyank in the Diner
    • Status: [NOT YET STARTED]

Stuff not part of the main story:

  1. SCP-XXXX ("Unwalking Through Backwards")
    • Man who experiences time in reverse, eventually walks into/out of the basement of a house, where an experiment is being conducted on his pre-anomaly self
    • No relation to main 'plot' events aside from showcasing the department
    • Can be used for the "Kairos" object class
    • Status: [PENDING REWRITE]
  2. SCP-XXXX ("The Long Way Round")
    • DoTA stopping an event by outliving the end of the universe and swinging back round
    • Keep missing slightly, homing in each time
    • Can be used for the "Kairos" object class
    • See here
    • Status: [READY TO POST]
  3. SCP-XXXX ("The 90s Called…")
    • The big one. See here
    • Kairos, obviously.
    • Status: [PENDING REWRITE]

Other people's stuff that I can use for my own nefarious purposes:

  1. SCP-3797 ("The Once and Future Gun")
    • Talk to stormbreath about changing the object class. No-go, unless the class becomes super-popular.
    • Still a good example of the use of anomalous time-tech
  2. SCP-711 ("Paradoxical Insurance Policy")
    • Probably not going to ask for any edits, given that it's literally rated higher than my top three scips combined
    • Talk to Photosynthetic if I get a good idea involving it, for politeness' sake
  3. SCP-3577 ("Pack to the Future")
    • Kairos wouldn't be appropriate here anyway
    • It's a cool scip though, so try and include a cameo somewhere
  4. SCP-3780 ("Who Shot J.F.K.")

Vague ideas and meandering musings:

  1. The DoTA and the TAD (as mentioned in SCP-1780) are from different timelines, with almost identical purposes
    • Debriefing of Miguel could work for this purpose? — See "Rebriefing"
    • There are two parallel timelines, and they intersect and cross over at multiple points, generally messing things up — this is the primary 'antagonist' of the series?
    • DoTA handle past/future shifting/changing while TAD handles loops and branches
  2. Some kind of device that retroactively changes how time travel itself works
    • Research different theories/models?
  3. The Fataliser: A device that lets you die, pulls you out of the past, then sandwiches the two together, meaning that when the death happens you're protected by your own corpse.
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