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Part 1: "Ceresian Nightmare"

  • Introduce main character, trapped within the Ceres loop.
  • Mainly atmospheric, but explains some of the details of the gravity engine that looped spacetime.

Part 2: "Spooky Action at a Distance"

  • A meeting over what to do about it.
  • Forth and O5-1 are introduced, FTL lore is explained, and Ways get some definition.
  • Closest to original tale, but with less exposition and more cross-GoI dynamics.
    • Use that one EoD tale as inspiration ;)

Part 3: SCP-XXXX ("A Crater"1)

  • Tell the main story, the coverup (filling the thing with concrete), that it failed.
    • Work out exactly why they needed to try to cover it up. Trade deals that might be jeopardised if time gets rewritten? That could easily be set up in Part 2.

Part 4: "Anterospective; or, the Second Dwarf"

  • Show exactly how the coverup failed, and how the protagonist breaks out.
    • This has not yet been figured out.
    • I'll get to it eventually, the important part right now is setting the scene and characters.
  • Rather than overwriting either timeline, two planets manifest, intersecting harmlessly, both with their own orbiting station. Forth is overjoyed.
  • End with a dialogue between Dr. Forth and O5-1, after which Forth resigns (seeing her duplicate manifest and leaving -1 to deal with the mess).

Epilogue: "Rate of Change"

  • Dr. Forthn places her nameplate on the door to an office, and steps through, peeling it off behind her. She's met by Forth14, who welcomes her to the Forth Dimension.
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