SCP-3XXX: "Unwalking Through Backwards"

Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:1 SCP-3XXX currently resides within a large Humanoid Containment Suite, set out to be as visually appealing and stimulating as possible. A projector directed at one wall is programmed to display a variety of media (with audio and visuals reversed), and a series of cameras have been trained to recognise specific movements and gestures and interpret these as instructions — through this, SCP-3XXX is able to make requests from Foundation staff.

A psychological interview is to be conducted with the entity every three months, increasing in frequency as the entity's initial date of generation approaches. Due to the logistical complexity inherent in these interviews, they are to be overseen by at least one high-level staff member possessing field experience of acausal event chains.

As SCP-3XXX's interaction with the timeline is not fully understood, under no circumstances is it to be prompted to provide information about future events.

Description: SCP-3XXX is an adult human male, whose physical form is directly entangled with what the Department of Temporal Anomalies refers to as a "psi-regulated metastable tachyon waveform". In layman's terms, SCP-3XXX is a largely intangible entity composed of particles that travel backwards through time (thus experiencing all time as passing in reverse) at a rate of exactly -1 second per second.

SCP-3XXX is able to both perceive objects visually, and be visually perceived, but cannot produce sounds or hear them. It is for this reason that the entity will be/has been taught British Sign Language, with lessons 'concluding' on 12/06/2016, and scheduled to 'commence' on 09/05/2018, two weeks prior to the entity's predicted date of entry into the Foundation2. These lessons will take the form of a series of Foundation-produced videos, played backwards on the wall of SCP-3XXX's containment suite.

Recovery: SCP-3XXX initially manifested on 28/02/2014 within Containment Suite 0044-A, fading slowly into existence from a disparate state. The process took approximately three hours, and was described by observers as akin to "a cloud of steam, reversed". SCP-3XXX showed no confusion or alarm at either its surroundings or the reaction from staff, and remained compliant within the chamber while a preliminary investigation was conducted.

Staff from the Foundation's Department of Temporal Anomalies have theorised that the cause of SCP-3XXX's premature demanifestation (which would logically be expected around the time of its death) was caused by a significant change in self-image, attitude, and/or personality — the psi-emissions making up its sense of 'self' were no longer compatible with the established model, and so the metastability failed to hold. Due to a lack of controlled tests, and the inability to interact with SCP-3XXX, this is purely conjecture.

Containment procedures were drawn up shortly after the event, and the anomaly was deemed Low-Risk due to its immediate (albeit decreasing) familiarity with Foundation personnel and regulations. Dr. Romero and Agents Doyle and Willis are apparently those with whom SCP-3XXX has established/will establish the closest friendships, and have therefore been assigned to its containment team.

Addendum — Incident 3XXX-T-000: On 23/05/2018, as expected, SCP-3XXX left its containment chamber and began walking backwards away from the facility — or, to phrase it from SCP-3XXX's point of view, walking towards the building and subsequently entering it.

In accordance with pre-established protocol, and under direction from the Department of Temporal Anomalies, a series of handheld placards were constructed, displaying the following text:

You're now living time in reverse. We're not sure exactly how, and we don't think we can stop it — if we could, we would already have done so. We know it's confusing right now, but it'll get better, we promise.

We can't touch you, and you can't touch us. You don't need to eat, drink, or breathe. If you follow us, we can keep you safe, and give you all the help we can. Films, books, conversation: whatever you want, it's yours, if you follow us.

Bear in mind that, if you don't, we will have no choice to acquire you forcefully. Given that from our perspective you've already made your decision, it probably wouldn't work out well for either us, you, or the timeline. Trust us here, please. We've known you for a long time. You're among friends.

Copies of this message were then held by several staff members, who followed SCP-3XXX's 'backtracking' — from the entity's perspective, these staff were leading it towards the facility at which it would spend the following four years. As no changes to the timeline were observed, the mission was deemed a success.

SCP-3XXX was eventually followed to the basement of a disused warehouse approximately 2 km away, where it entered a large, metal cylinder, and stood motionless. A secondary cylinder was also located, containing SCP-3XXX's non-anomalous counterpart: an adolescent male by the name of Charles Ridgway. The subject, designated PoI-1112, showed bruising around the face, chest, and arms, and was suffering from mild dehydration and malnutrition. PoI-1112 was delirious upon their recovery, and was unable to be easily removed from the device in which they were contained — a metal chain around their left ankle fastened them securely.

In the process of removing this chain, Agent Willis inadvertently jostled a cable embedded within the object's base. Due to its poor craftsmanship and somewhat amateur design, this triggered a response from the device, causing it to begin functioning (possibly not in the intended manner, see Incident 3XXX-T-0 Recovered Materials). PoI-1112 then demanifested, accompanied by large bursts of beta and gamma radiation and their tachyonic equivalents. SCP-3XXX disappeared simultaneously (or rather, was produced moving backwards through time), and both entities' event chains were deemed complete.

Investigation into the person or persons responsible for the capture of PoI-1112, construction of the relevant device, and production of SCP-3XXX is ongoing. The anomaly's reclassification from Euclid to Neutralised is pending approval.

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