SCP-4XXX ("Bleedthrough")

Item #: SCP-4XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-4XXX is an anomalous phenomenon characterised by alterations to sensory perception. SCP-4XXX currently affects upwards of 98% of the human population, to varying degrees of severity. Those affected by SCP-4XXX will commonly experience:

  • Feelings of increased warmth and/or humidity regardless of surrounding environment.
  • Feelings of intense heat, similar to those experienced when standing near an open furnace.
  • The perception that the air is denser and more polluted than it is in actuality, accompanied by the smells of soot and diesel fumes.
  • Hallucinations of disjointed and disconcerting shadows in and around industrial machinery, which may induce long-term mechanophobia in subjects unaware of the anomalous nature of SCP-4XXX.

In a minority of subjects, usually those who have been affected by SCP-4XXX for periods of time exceeding 3 years, a psychosomatic condition similar to acute radiation poisoning1 will begin to develop. While this is rarely fatal in and of itself, complications arising from a suppressed immune system can pose a severe health risk. Approximately one in 80,000 subjects (0.00125%) will hallucinate direct alterations to people and objects in their vicinity.

Addendum: Uh oh



Addendum: Shit hits the fan

Addendum | Archived Foundation-wide announcement:

From the office of O5-5


SCP-4XXX has, by unanimous agreement, been designated a global crisis with a high potential of XK-Class escalation. All available staff members are hereby placed on high-alert, and assigned to one of the following 4XXX Work Groups:

  • α: "NOTHING"
    • Tasked with handling the existential and metaphysical threats posed by the anomaly.
  • β: "SENSELESS"
    • Tasked with handling the memetic threats posed by the anomaly.
  • δ: "BADHAND"
    • Tasked with handling the environmental and social threats posed by the anomaly.
  • λ: "SLAUGHTER"
    • Tasked with handling the physical, biological, and radiological threats posed by the anomaly.
    • Tasked with handling the temporospatial threats posed by the anomaly.

Orders for each will arrive momentarily, as will employee distributions and individual assignments. Deployment of armed personnel within developing conflicts is ongoing, as is the decontamination of the new Siberian blast zone. The maintenance of the Veil Protocols remain a core tenet of the Foundation's actions; despite this, it may be in our best interests to declassify certain SCP-4XXX-related documentation to better prepare world governments for the days ahead.

Discussion is ongoing between myself and the rest of the Overseer Council as to the best course of action. All other staff are urged to please remain calm, and to ready themselves for the upcoming hardships we will all inevitably face.

As of this moment, ladies and gentlemen, we are at war.

Addendum: Real talk

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