Malice's Doomsday Contest Stuff

This is my scip concept for our doomsday idea. Should be p. cool!

Item #: SCP-4040

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4040-1, -2, -3 and -4 are to be contained in separate Humanoid Containment Cells adjacent to that of SCP-4040-5, and provided with standard amenities for non-anomalous humans. Optional biweekly classes to improve the entities' grasp of spoken languages, and to establish their knowledge of present-day culture, are ongoing.

Currently, SCP-4040-5 is housed in an airtight chamber, specially constructed to require minimum human interaction and filled to a depth of 1.5 m with a saline solution to simulate lower gravitational forces. A full list of required atmospheric conditions and the entity's dietary needs are available in Documents 4040-F3 and 4040-F4 respectively.

In the event that SCP-4040-5's condition deteriorates significantly, the other instances are to be immediately allowed access to the entity, and supplied with state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Description: SCP-4040 are five humanoid entities, superficially identical to Homo sapiens. While SCP-4040-1 through -4 are all capable of surviving in an environment similar to that of Earth, SCP-4040-5 requires a methane-rich atmosphere, and a diet of artifically constructed proteins — in addition to this, on arrival, a large open wound was present on the entity's abdomen, exposing its inner tissues.

Internally, SCP-4040 vary substantially from human body plans. Notable deviations include, but are not limited to:

  • Vestigal limbs and sensory organs, surgically altered to fit within a set of human skin.
  • Bones and cartilage matching that of various different species, and numerous artificial replacements for portions of the skeleton.
  • Lungs seemingly designed to respirate in a number of different environments, and several different digestive systems. These are largely detached from the central (usable) system, and non-functional in the majority of cases.
  • Several sutured tissues, attached together with an apparent preference for matching humans externally, rather than being biologically efficient.
  • Evidence of the stitching, stapling, and cauterising of tissue, and surgical scarring across ~85% of organs.

SCP-4040 were initially recovered when they spontaneously manifested a short distance from Foundation Site-##. The instances then approached the site, carrying the injured SCP-4040-5 between them — upon apprehension, they submitted to examination, and requested (in broken Mandarin) medical attention for their "friend". Through the efforts of the on-site medical staff and Department of Supralinguistics, sufficient information was gathered from SCP-4040 to be able to prevent -5's death. The entities have not made any effort to leave Foundation custody, and when questioned state that they have "nowhere to go".

Addendum.1: The following is an abridged list of items recovered from SCP-4040's personal effects upon arrival at Site-##. A full record is available from the Site-## archives on request.

  • Large, handheld devices, supposedly capable of generating localised spatial disturbances. This is unconfirmed, as all attempts to activate the devices thus far have resulted in them displaying the phrase "EXCEPTION: NULL TARGET(S), UNAVAILABLE BYPASS".
  • Assorted "currency", including Canadian Dollars, outdated coinage of £sd (pounds, shillings, pence) denomination, circular metal discs inscribed with Arabic numerals, and spools of golden filament1.
  • A large quantity of medical equipment, including scalpels, bandages, surgical needles and thread, and cauterising tools.
  • Synthetic skin in a variety of colours, including that of several non-human species.
  • A book entitled "Sunrise on the Event Horizon; or, 1,000,001 things to do in the Multiverse", by Dr. Samuel Lloyd. Although the title, blurb, and acknowledgements are written in British English, the internal contents appear to be a series of hitherto undecipherable runes.
  • Extensive diagrams of the internal body plans of many nonexistent humanoid species.
  • Thirteen Level-5 key cards, similar to those issued by the Foundation. All but five of these have had the owner's face and name scratched out, and the remaining instances depict unknown cephalopodic creatures clad in standard Foundation attire.
  • A series of paper documents, consisting of a single list of eight-character alphanumerical designations, each one followed by a short sentence or phrase in an apparently random language. Examples include "U-0AF3QQ93 — Dominant species of methane-breathers, dark (no sight)"2 and "U-22H6M2V — canine hybrids: respiratory normal, haemoglobin semi-functional"3.

    All items in the list have been struck through, save for the final entry which reads "U-99Z899ZY — Primates. Otherwise normal". Research into the significance of this text is ongoing.
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