SCP-XXX: "Dr. Langford's Memetic Ghost"

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Item #:

Object Class: Euclid-nuntii

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is an E-Class member of personnel, and is to be afforded the following clearance levels:

  • Level-0: Non-restricted documents not pertaining to memetic or infohazardous anomalies.
  • Level-2: Documents compiled by or relating to Dr. Langford, prior to his death.
  • Level-3: Documents relating to SCP-XXX or its containment.
  • Level-XXX1: All documents pertaining to memetic or infohazardous anomalies.

SCP-XXX is anchored to Dr. Langford's former laboratory; however, it has been shown capable of extending its field of influence (presumably indefinitely). SCP-XXX can therefore not be physically contained, and resides at Site-54 only of its own free will — as with all low-risk E-Class staff members, SCP-XXX will be allowed access to the facility's amenities, but be forbidden from leaving Foundation property.

Description: Prior to 1999-06-12, SCP-XXX was Dr. Cecil Langford, a Foundation staff member and leading researcher in the field of memetics. Dr. Langford was the first person to successfully design a fully permeating primerless memetic agent (achieving several awards in doing so), and went on to co-direct the team responsible for producing the infamous Berryman-Langford Memetic Kill Agent2, still in use today. They were 75 years old at their time of death, and were due to retire three months later.

As of 1999-06-12, SCP-XXX is a sapient field of information contained in the positions, structures, and velocities of all objects located in Dr. Langford's former laboratory. When questioned, this field has shown personality traits entirely in-line with those of Dr. Langford (100%, no observed margin of error), and ##


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