Wonderful Wonderful

BLURB: todo

Part 1: "Old Business"

  • Reading of the will
  • Set up that Cornelius is dead, that the title is being passed on
  • Allude to nomenclative majiks
  • Nobody cares

Part 2: "Blood Sweat and Glitter"

    • Cut Nobody bits

Intermission: "This Space Intentionally Left Blank"

  • Nobody tries to deliver a letter, fails
    • Build on their powers a little bit
  • First mention of misters

Part 3: SCP-XXXX ("The Doctor Formerly Known As Wondertainment")

  • The O5 Council are, collectively, Dr. Wondertainment. Operating by committee, they dither a lot while Cornelius's magic works from beyond the grave.
  • Interviews with various Wondertainment people/scips?

Part 4: "New Business"

  • Holly light goes to work. Surprise! She's now Dr. Wondertainment.
    • She's one of only two Wondertainments aware of the transition, the other being Cornelius.
  • Really make sure people are aware that the previous history was created by Cornelius
  • First part set in the Old Wonder World, second in the New.
    • Explore the dilapidated ruins, really hammer home the fact that Cornelius believed in this place.

Epilogue: "We Just Make Music"

  • Misters on tour!

And all is said and said is done
And done is all for naught but fun

So just make sure
You walk before
You try to think to learn to run

moving shaker,
Joy-man, toy-man,

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