SCP-W ("The Doctor Formerly Known As Wondertainment")

Item #: SCP-W

Object Class: Safe Neutralised

Special Containment Procedures: The anomaly is contained by means of being the O5 Council. In the event that the Council is in any way compromised by this or any other anomaly, protocol ROSE ALABASTER (automated line-of-succession) will be activated. For the purposed of testing, the O5 Council are to report to the SCP-W research team, who have been granted temporary Level-6/W Authority.

Description: SCP-W is the designation given to the entirety of the O5 Council acting in their collective capacity as GoI-386 ("Dr. Wondertainment"). The anomaly first manifested on ##/##/1997 for unknown reasons, and has since resulted in a complete cessation of external activity by GoI-386. No detrimental physical or psychological changes have come about as the result of this anomaly aside from gradually increasing traces of iron oxide in the bloodstreams of Overseers, and the O5 Council have been allowed to remain in their position of power despite exhibiting anomalous contamination — see testing log for details.

SCP-W-1 through -12 are collectively capable of performing minor feats of anomalous alteration, specifically regarding children's toys, media, and other forms of entertainment and/or education. Each alteration requires the agreement of all twelve members of the O5 Council, and will fail if any individual Overseer expresses anything other than full support.

The following is a list of all attempted feats performed to-date.

Designation Subject of alteration Result
W/EE/00011 A non-anomalous diecast car. No change. SCP-W-5 expressed reservations about the production of additional anomalies.
W/EE/0001A The previous non-anomalous diecast car. Still no change. Despite being urged by supervising Researchers to agree to the test, SCP-W-5 remained unconvinced.
W/EE/0001B The previous non-anomalous diecast car. Identical to previous test. By supermajority vote, SCP-W-5 was temporarily removed from the O5 Council to better facilitate the utilisation of SCP-W.
W/EE/0001C The previous non-anomalous diecast car. Object was able to be entered and driven by any human under the age of 18, despite not showing any spatial or dimensional anomalies.
W/EE/00022 A non-anomalous deck of 52 playing cards. Objects were able to be easily assembled into typical and non-typical 'house of cards' structures, which would become spontaneously populated by miniature origami humanoids. The deck would never contain fewer than 26 cards, regardless of how many were removed. When used for any card game involving betting, monetary transfer, or any other form of recognised gambling, the deck would become blank.
W/EE/00033 A kitchen knife. No change.
W/EE/0003A A blunted kitchen knife. No change.
W/EE/0003B A plastic knife, retrieved from a non-anomalous children's playset. Object was capable of being successfully used for the preparation of a meal. When used for meal preparation, the object vocalised recipes continuously, and responded to simple questions about culinary matters. The O5 Council expressed dissatisfaction. SCP-W-12 and SCP-W-3 both voiced the opinion that SCP-W would possess no functional utility, and were removed from their posts temporarily.
W/EE/00044 An SD card containing the first episode of the American TV drama "Breaking Bad". No change.
W/EE/0004A An SD card containing the first episode of the American TV drama "Breaking Bad", doctored to remove all scenes deemed non-child-friendly. The protagonist of the episode was observed wearing a purple suit and top-hat in 30% of remaining scenes. The single remaining allusion to the drug trade was replaced by twenty-seconds of purple-tinged visual static and a piano tune described as 'uplifting'.
W/EE/0004B An SD card containing a reenactment of the first episode of the American TV drama "Breaking Bad", created by the Foundation Department of Film and Media. Rather than involving the drug trade, the episode involved a city-wide bake-sale. Episode shortened to a single thirty-second shot of SCP-W-6 (dressed in a stereotypical clown costume) shaking their head and sighing. Beneath the image, the words "Copyright infringement is no laughing matter!" scrolled periodically. The O5 Council expressed dissatisfaction with the test, and SCP-W-6 requested temporary removal from their post.
W/EE/00055 A Nerf-brand plastic gun. After approximately four continuous hours of attempted modification, the object combusted. No anomalous properties were observed in the remains.

Testing has since been discontinued.

Addendum | Initial manifestation:


Addendum | Incident I-W-MELLOW:

Between ##/##/#### and ##/##/####, GoI-### were believed to be the target of a CK4-Class Reality Restructuring Event6. The O5 Council professed no knowledge of this, and were largely unaffected for its duration. The overall damage to the timeline is not currently known, but the following discrepancies were noted:

  • […]
  • The disappearance of all anomalous objects or entities associated with the 'Little Misters' series from Foundation containment. Alternate histories for each are suspected to have been created, but are unconfirmed.
  • The lack of any and all past or present interactions between GoI-386 and GoI-010 ("The Factory").

Updates to the Containment Procedures and object class of SCP-W are pending, but delayed until such time as the nature of the situation is fully known.

Addendum | Followup Incident I/F-W-DANDY:


At the same time, a humanoid entity manifested at the entrance to Site-██, and allowed itself to be contained. Said entity, designated AE-W-1, is clad in a purple and gold suit (which it refuses to remove), and exhibits no anomalous or unusual properties save for severe retrograde amnesia and genetic information identical to that of Cornelius Everett Wondertainment, on-record as being the leader and CEO of GoI-386 prior to SCP-W's manifestation. They have been remanded to the custody of Site-██, which is currently the lead research area for said Group of Interest, but show no desire to leave or breach containment.

The following document was located on their person at their time of recovery:

Wow! You've just found yourself your very own Mr Purple, an extremely limited edition collection from Dr. Wondertainment! Out with the old, in with the new!

Take good care of him, Mr. Collector!!

Research into the new motives, goals, and modus operandi of GoI-### are ongoing. SCP-W has been reclassified as Neutralised.

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