Masquerade, Paper Faces on Parade
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Item#: 0000
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Two Extradimensional Entities. Capabilities unknown.

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site 72 Director Lycus Cyrus Walker SSM-X ("Queen and Priest")



Special Containment Procedures: Following the events of Incident-0000-01, SSM-X ("Queen and Priest") has been established and permanently stationed in Venice for the annual occurence of SCP-0000. Major television networks have been placed on twelve-second delays to account for any visible anomalies. Under no circumstances should agents attempt to interrupt or detain any anomalous entities without prior authorization from Overwatch Command.

Description: SCP-0000 is the designation for the Carnevale di Venezia, held annually from early February to late February/march in Venice, Italy. SCP-0000 differs extensively from mainstream accounts of the long-standing festival, with widespread presence of anomalous entities and phenomena at main events that have been concealed from outside eyes. Civilians and tourists appear to accept this as entirely ordinary, and city officials appear to go as far as to conceal any anomalous elements from the outside world without any apparent cognitive bias.


The White Lord of Alagadda, Wearer of the Diligent Mask.

Discovery: SCP-0000 was first noted by the Unusual Incidents Unit in 2017, after an agent of theirs by the name of Alexis Burrows had gone while on an assignment in Venice.1 The apartment block in which Burrows was residing was found to be missing entirely, leaving a empty plot of land. When questioned, the neighbors told investigators that Burrows "had gone on a trip", but could not say where to.

As the UIU has limited resources overseas, the Foundation was contacted to assist in the investigation. Initial queries and a string of similar dissapearances in February through March suggested that the anomalous presence was only present during the Carnevale di Venezia and made plans for a secondary inquisition upon the opening night.

**Agents: Hadrian Rose (UIU), Maria Spini (SCP)


Thorn exits the car, making her way through the streets on foot. The camera shifts often, as Spini scans the bustling crowds. A man offers her a drink, but she declines and moves on.

//Spini arrives at the canal, which is bustling wqith tourists, most dressed in some manner of carnival attire. Spini herself is dressed in casual clothing. //

Thorn: Beginning to feel a little underdressed…

Spini spots her UIU contact, Intelligence Officer Hadrian Rose. Rose is seated at a table next to the Cannaregio Canal, flipping through a pamphlet about the festival. Spini slips into the seat opposite.

Spini: City seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year.

Rose: All the while slowly sinking back into the water. A modern day Atlantis.

[Rose sets aside the pamphlet]

Rose: So, you're the spook I'm partnering up with. Not what I was expecting… guess I thought you'd be all black suit and tie, sunglasses, the whole "Man in Black" look I suppose. Hadrian Rose, intelligence.

Spini: Maria Spini, task force agent. Love the name, by the way.

Rose: Thanks, chose it myself. So how much did your people tell you about the Can2 we're dealing with here?

Spini: Not much. One of your agents, Burrows I believe, went missing on assignment in the area last year. The apartment building was missing entirely, and none of the neighbors saw anything unusual about it. So, we're dealing with something with the capapbility to translocate an apartment building, as well as influence the minds of an unknown number of people. A similar string of missing persons had been noted for past years, for february through march, on an yearly pattern, suggesting it was tied to the Carnevale. Not enough information to narrow down the details on the anomaly. The timing is odd, suggests a ritual component to it, but I haven't been able to dig up any rumors on the Carnevale that would point us in the right direction.

Rose: Well, colour me impressed. I've been doing a little preliminary work for the past couple days, investigating past dissapearances, talking with local authorities about security concerns.

Spini: And?

Rose: And despite claims to the contrary, not a single missing person's report concerning a dissapearance during the late February to early March period was ever reported. Going back as far as 1962.

Both pause.

Spini: Shit.

Rose: Yeah. Working around foreign police is always tricky, but usually you can get them to appeal to a badge. If they're compromised andshit blows up on us, we'll have a hundred guns aimed at our backs.

Spini: Hmm. Perhaps if we-

The fanfare of the water show commencing cuts Spini's statement short, as people begin to gather within earshot of their conversation to watch. Both agents turn to watch as the spectacle begins.

Spini: Festival's supposed to last three hours. First show takes place now, then another one at 9, wrapping up at ten. We'll most likely have to sit through both, knowing our luck.

Rose: I suppose there's worse things to sit through than a water show in Venice. Spini. That's italian, right? Have you ever been before

Spini: I'm Sicilian, but no. Grew up dirt poor. Had enough trouble getting food on the table, let alone expensive plane tickets and hotel rooms.

Rose: And now you're here, working for the Foundation. How'd you pull off something like that?

Spini: What's the FBI doing in a foreign country?

Rose: That's classified, unfortunately.

Spini: Then I suppose we both have to keep our secrets.

Both return to the festival. After a minutes, Roe begins examining the crowd.

Rose: Hey, something look strange about these people to you? They all seem happy.

Spini: Should it? Intoxication can be infectious.

Rose: I'm not quite sure how many festival you people go to, but no one's ever completely happy. There's always someone drunk off their ass, or mad they don't have a good view, or someone who's been dragged along to see it and is just wasting away their time on their phone. Everyone here is happy. Except for us.

bold textSpini: Hmm. Wait one moment.

Spini grabs the flyer off the table, and approaches a waitress handling drinks outside one of the resteraunts, adopting a cheery tone.

Spini: Oh hi there! Gosh, I am all turned around here, it's my first time at the festival. I was wondering if you could help a gal out?

bold textWaitress: Well sure miss, what can I do for you?

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