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The state of Massachusetts, through which SCP-4000 was theorized.

Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: N/A

Description: SCP-4000's existence is in and of itself theoretical. Proof of SCP-4000's existence or nonexistence has not been concretely gathered, but due to SCP-4000's likelihood to exist and its position as the most powerful probabilistic anomaly in existence if it were to exist it has been recorded as an SCP object.

Evidence for SCP-4000's existence includes:

  • The public's ignorance of the true nature of Massachusetts.
  • The public's ignorance of the true nature of the universe.
  • The containment of over 3000 SCP objects with breaches in secrecy being only temporary.
  • The existence of SCP-2000, and other Thaumiel SCP objects.
  • The existence of SCP-3000, and the discovery of amnestic compounds in general at convenient times in the Foundation's history.
  • Earth's dimension(s) being particularly disconnected and difficult to access from the rest of the multiverse.
  • The nonexistence of any powerful groups whose goals include the complete destruction of normalcy.
  • The existence of several powerful groups whose goals include the maintenance of normalcy.
  • The existence of the SCP Foundation.

However, due to SCP-4000 only potentially existing, and evidence suggesting that if it does exist that the SCP Foundation in part perpetuates it, it is best to assume that SCP-4000 does not exist. Allowing the theory of SCP-4000's existence to perpetuate may instill a sense of apathy and meaninglessness, leading towards SCP Foundation personnel taking far greater risks than are necessary while holding the belief that SCP-4000 will cover any mistakes of theirs.

SCP-4000 is the phenomenon known as "the veil".

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