Memento Mori 2
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Item #: SCP-0000

Object Class: Keter (SCP-0000-2 is considered neutralized)

Special Containment Procedures: Security cameras are to be placed in office number 024 of Site-209 (which previously belonged to Dr. May Rollins). The tapes between the hours of 16:00 and 17:00 Site-209 local time on December 31st are to be reviewed following the end of an SCP-0000 event to ensure no major changes in footage take place from the previous year. The security tapes are then to be stored in a secure storage locker in Site-209.

SCP-0000-1 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment unit in Site-209. Any staff members considered close to Researcher Ioan Hanson are not allowed to work with SCP-0000.

Description: SCP-0000 is an externally observable time loop which takes place between 16:00 and 17:00 Site-209 local time every year on December 31st. The phenomena began in 2014 after the 12/31/2013 incident. SCP-0000 events consist of SCP-0000-1 and Dr. Rollins manifesting in Dr. Rollins office in the exact state it was in on 12/31/2013. SCP-0000-1 and Dr. Rollins will begin to test a fully functional SCP-0000-2. Actions taken are identical to the day of the incident until the time stamp 16:16, when SCP-0000-1 will then begin to prevent the events of the incident from occurring. At exactly 17:00 Site-209 local time, both SCP-0000-1 and Dr. Rollins will demanifest. SCP-0000-1 will return to its containment unit.

Note - SCP-0000 was initially presumed neutralized after the first time it took place. This was later disproven by the repletion of the event the following year.

SCP-0000-1 is formal Foundation Employee Ioan Hanson. SCP-0000-1 is the source of SCP-0000 events. The method by which changes propagate beyond the scope of an SCP-0000 event is unclear. While certain details will propagate into the future, most dissipate within the space of hours or days, allowing baseline to casually reassert itself fully at 17:00 Site-209 local time.

SCP-0000-2 was a GPO 746 Rotary Telephone. Initially, SCP-0000-2's anomalous properties consisted of the ability to add and subtract seconds from a minute, and minutes from an hour. These properties dissipated after SCP-0000-2 was broken during an incident which occurred on 01/02/2013. It is speculated that the destruction of SCP-0000-2 is what supplied SCP-0000-1 with its anomalous properties.

Note - SCP-0000-2 was initially considered an Anomalous Item until the 12/31/2013 incident.

Addendum 1: 12/31/2013 Incident

SCP-0000-2 was being tested by SCP-0000-1 (formerly Researcher Ioan Hanson) and Dr. May Rollins. Approximately twenty minutes into testing, Dr. Rollins tripped over SCP-0000-2's cord and fell face first against her desk, causing a severe head injury. SCP-0000-1 then smashed SCP-0000-2 against the wall forcefully, promptly breaking it. He then attempted to navigate the present time sink1, and punched it when unable. It is to be noted that Dr. Rollins was trained in operating time sinks, while Researcher Hanson was not.

It is notable that SCP-0000-1 has established anger issues, therefore he was only authorized to work with non-dangerous anomalies whilst undergoing bi-monthly counseling sessions with Dr. Nicolle Love. This protocol is now outdated; see notes for more information. Information regarding SCP-0000-1 working with other anomalies is now outdated.

Dr. Rollins's injury caused her to go on leave, before she ultimately retired six months later.

The following is a transcript of the security footage of the incident.

Notes: Following the incident, Researcher Hanson was demoted to Level 1 status, indefinitely prohibited from working with anomalies of any kind, and received a downgrade in pay. Researcher Hanson was also required to attend weekly therapy sessions with Site-209 psychologist Dr. Nicolle Love starting the day after the incident occurred.

Addendum 2: SCP-0000 Event List

The following is an abridged summary list of SCP-0000-1 events which have taken place to date.

Iteration: One

Summary: Identical to the events of the 12/31/2013 incident.

Iteration: Two

Summary: SCP-0000 insists on being the one to take notes instead of Dr. Rollins. When Dr. Rollins begins to walk over to SCP-0000, presumably to see the notes it is taking, she trips on SCP-0000-2’s cord; the events from this point forward carry out identical to the first iteration.

Iteration: Three

Summary: SCP-0000 warns Dr. Rollins to watch out for SCP-0000-2's cord. Dr. Rollins steps over the cord, and does not trip. When reproaching SCP-0000 after taking notes, she trips over the cord, hitting her head against the wall. The events from this point forward carry out identical to the first iteration.

Iteration: Four

Summary: SCP-0000-1 destroys SCP-0000-2 the moment the loop begins. In shock, Dr. Rollins questions why SCP-0000-1 destroyed it. It replies, "You'll see." Dr. Rollins informs SCP-0000-1 that she will have to report it, and the two both exit the room.

SCP-0000-1 later reported to foundation personnel that during iteration four at 16:58, Dr. Rollins experienced a seizure. She had been standing at the time, and hit her head on her desk as she fell to the ground, promptly sustaining a head injury.

Addendum 3: SCP-0000-1 Interview


Interviewed: SCP-0000-1

Interviewer: Dr. Nicolle Love

Foreword: The following interview took place on 12/18/2020.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Love: Hey there, how are you?

SCP-0000-1: What, no SCP-1234-682-3009?

Dr. Love: Lighten up a bit, sport. I was just asking how you were. SCP-0000, I know it's hard for you. But, as long as you cooperate, things will go smoothly.

SCP-0000-1: [snaps fingers] There it is.

Dr. Love: Anyway, I'm just gonna go on ahead with the questions. When did you first learn you could control the loops?

SCP-0000-1: I just thought— "Oh fuck, I hope this doesn't happen in reality", and "yeah, that better still be there when I get back." Are we done now?

Dr. Love: You know that's not how this works. Okay—

SCP-0000-1: Do I? I got demoted before I could interview any skips. I just worked with artifacts before I was sent to therapy.

Dr. Love: Okay… next question. SCP-0000-1, when did you become aware that you were an active participant in these loops? When asked initially, you had no memory of the events that occurred.##

SCP-0000-1: For some time.

Dr. Love: Do you care to specify what you mean by that?

SCP-0000-1: Nope. I'll leave you with incomplete notes.

Dr. Love: [jots down something on her clipboard] Okay. Why do you still try to prevent the incident? In every loop, you've failed, even when all danger was taken away for Dr. Rollins.

SCP-0000-1: At this point, I'm just trying to test the loops. See what they'll throw at me. It's not like I can stop the loops from occurring. Trust me, I've tried.

Dr. Love: It's been assumed this attitude is why there's been evidence of you tampering with anomalous items during the loops? We were admittedly puzzled as to why you did not try to hide that this was you, knowing you have that capability.

SCP-0000-1: [shrugs] Eh. I've done worse stuff that I kept in the loops. Figured it might give you a laugh. Plus, I'm living the rest of my life here as an object, knowing May is permanently injured, being taunted with the opportunity to fix it, but cursed with the inability. Might as well have some fun.

Dr. Love: So SCP-0000-1, what do you consider the "boldest" thing you have done during a loop?

SCP-0000-1: I tested to see if I could leave the facility.

Dr. Love: Could you?

SCP-0000-1: I couldn't get very far in thirty minutes.

Dr. Love: You couldn't leave?

SCP-0000-1: I didn't say that. I said that I couldn't get very far.

Dr. Love: Are you going to tell me where you went when you left the facility?

SCP-0000-1: No.

Dr. Love: Alright. Why did you leave if you knew you had little time to accomplish anything?

SCP-0000-1: Eh. [hesitates] Cause.

Dr. Love: 'Cause?'

SCP-0000-1: Yes. I left because I could. It's really quite simple, Nicolle.

Dr. Love: I see. You once returned from an SCP-0000 event with SCP-530 and the Anomalous Item named Peachy. Would you like to tell me what you did with these?.

SCP-0000-1: Don't make it sound malicious, Nicolle. I like dogs. I played with them.

Dr. Love: I see. We're nearing another SCP-0000 event. Wanna tell me any plans you have for it?

SCP-0000-1: No I do not. I like to keep you on your toes.

Dr. Love: Alright. Thank you for talking with me today.

SCP-0000-1: Yes.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: N/A

Addendum 4

This was my plan for the next loop hahaaaaa


I thought I was gonna be pissed off seeing myself mentioned as an object but boy am I really pissed off

before you delete this I wanna say something



God I miss you May
you made me a better person
you would have told me to stop running from the truth

please tell May I miss her
and I'm sorry

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