Mendelssohn's Cactus Nursery

there is only suffering from this point onward

Link to Tesla is here, rrrr. I'll edit it in later and attach a suitable cactus pic or something

Sandbox # Codename Current project Picture
1 Hylocereus Seward's Folly (Meta Seward) 78c60abefee50ae55598c93d7eddbc6c.jpg
2 Hibotan Big Brozart is Watching You (4000 contest entry) 14468972573_08aff4a02f_b.jpg
3 Melocactus Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke 628px-Melocactus_matanzanus.jpg
4 Peyote Misc idea dumping ground. Not skip. ANGERY TESLA concept sketches here. 3407490394_34ec7dc5cf_b.jpg

Image sources: Wikimedia Commons; Anita Hart on Flickr, Wikimedia Commons again, zapdelight on Flickr

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