mendelssohn induces vomiting with consumption of peyote

This is where I put random assorted thoughts and notes that don't really fit anywhere

"I don't even have any talent. Why even try?"

"I don't think I'm abnormal or anything, just unoriginal. And it's my fault because I learnt how to draw by copying pictures instead of going to art class."

"Before THIS, I was a God. I was the Creator. I summoned monsters with my breath, laid millions to rest, brought devastation with disasters of my own design! And now, when I enter my own domain, when I want to assert my utmost authority, I am HUMILIATED by imprisonment in this candy-colored orb, chained for eternity to the most miserable nincompoop in the history of cactuskind, and stripped bare of all control I had over my actions!"

- Con artist
- J. S. Bach the Owl
- Amadeus Amadeus Amadeus Amadeus
- 3817's sister, Fanny
- 100 Million Ways to Spell Tchaikovsky
- Chairs the musical
- Any other ones that I forgot about



SCP-4000 - Big Brozart is Watching You

header image: Johann Pachelbel lying on the floor, dead. his face is either censored or hidden from view. On top of him is either a Mozart biography or a Mozartkugel chocolate box.

dead body of canon in D composer Johann Pachelbel spontaneously manifests in the middle of a mozart kugeln souvenir shop in Salzburg, knocking a display over, More at 11

mozart speech
art is all about power, who has it, and who doesn't.
you make them think you're the only one they should care about.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okay so lemme get this ideas down:

  • classical music composer hierarchy caste system where mozart beethoven and bach are at the tippity top and everybody else goes down gradually, and there are the trashy and forgotten composers at the very bottom (AKA the musical 'canon'. which I think mendelssohn established, and is his most impactful contribution)
  • cult of mozart, mozart propaganda, think of all the infuriating prodigy/god-gifted/autistic savant/geniusTM mozart glorifying stuff. parallel it to INGSOC propaganda from the 1984 book as well as Stalinist propaganda
  • use the 1984 artist AU that you came up with where Big Brother (Big Brozart in this case) is an artist who wants to stay the Most Popular and will resort to terrible methods to keep their status
  • mendelssohn is not going to be here because he's tragically undeceased. Maybe Big Brozart exploits this and uses mendelssohn as a propaganda object? like how lenin and the stakhanovites during stalinist times idk. If we (I) can say anything for sure though, is that our lovely twink felix here dodged a bullet the size of a house.
  • unfair demonization of Antonio Salieri
  • another theme would be the psychological effects of abuse - the composers all kinda get abused in some way or another, with the lower-class ones getting the worst treatment. I imagine they'd all have a device resembling a gramophone which regularly plays to them academic papers on themselves and peoples' opinions of them. this is supposed to influence the composers' self-opinion. each of them is supposed to "know their worth" in this society or something
  • victorian-y music-symbol-infested architectural aesthetic I guess. think Girls Symphony combined with UnLondon
  • Pachelbel is literally so unpopular that other composers deliberately ignore him. He exploits this to bypass conventional security measure and even breaks into buildings

Mozart: Poor Mendelssohn, he died for our sins. He was too good for this world. His monumental sacrifice will be remembered and honored for millennia…

SCP-3817: Quit telling everyone I'm dead!

Mozart: Sometimes I can still hear his voice…


tldr of this idea: schrodinger become a literal schrodinger's cat and gets subjected to all kinds of quantum fuckery with good and bad results


Working title: Nikola Tesla's Fucking Pissed


I guess we'll have a page image of an angry electric guy crackling with rage at Thomas Edison's museum or something

the whole basic idea is that he's too overcome with his own rage and unable to let go, so much that it ruins himself

first we start off with the basic description of a Rage State Humanoid with Overpowered Supercool Powers who needs to be restrained and kept in a room with special padding otherwise he'll pikachu everyone to death
also he's mentally unstable because that's edgy? i'm lilke seriosuly gonna write about a mentally unstable person though, but we need to set up the audience's expectation to be "generic edgy loony murderhuman" and kick them in the shins with a genuinely emotiononal story later
i guess we'll have a log somewhere of him raising hell at Menlo Park, sputtering some absurd junk about how he needs to destroy Thomas Edison's soul in the bottle or something-or-other
maybe Tesla knows legit, like actual legit stuff, about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and every other thing he says is some wack stuff about Edison's NPD
Tesla's rambling about Edison being Evil As Heck is where I can have fun and go nuts. Edison as a narcissistic ghoul that bodysurfs and needs to suck attention to live? sounds crazy fun. we need to have Tesla sound obviously ridiculous though
later on we have one or two interviews ? IDK, one where it's all him rambling and the argument with the caretaker going in absolute circles, and the other one where he gets slammed HARD by a reality check, and he just breaks down crying
just make this a personal vent. just do it you succulent

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