Merrily on High

Authors notes:

((Make it a noise rather than light?))

((Pin down the transmission vector. What actually spreads SCP-4438. Rely more, possibly, on the “good word”))

Item#: 4438
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


SCP-4438-0 viewed from high altitude. Area of effect highlighted in lower right hand corner.

Special Containment Procedures: An E1-grade security fence1 has been constructed surrounding SCP-4438-0. Aerial drones equipped with thermographic imaging will maintain a 360° surveillance of the surrounding region. Any person approaching SCP-4438-0 within 50km will be terminated via automatic gunfire.

All outbound transmissions from SCP-4438 must be intercepted by network-isolated AIs. Potential recipients will be detained, then administered Class-D amnestics before being relocated. While a long-term solution has been devised, Foundation resources are currently insufficient to construct an orbital Faraday cage large enough to contain SCP-4438.

02/12/2019, 19,241 Class-D amnesic treatments have been conducted. It is estimated by 2025, all past, present, and potential contact will be severed with the town of Layhollow.


SCP-4438, viewed in orbit.

Description: SCP-4438 is an iridescent, oblong, 8km2 satellite visually resembling tightly bound cloth. This object is located 970km above the town of Layhollow, locked in geostationary orbit. SCP-4438 produces an anomalous form of electromagnetic radiation in a tightly focused, 25km2, three-sided pyramid of affected space. This region is hereafter designated SCP-4438-0. Despite operating within the visual spectrum, this “light” can only be seen using specialized UV-A filtered lenses.

Direct exposure to the light produced by SCP-4438 will cause any living creature to ostensibly disappear. High-speed cameras have observed this process as a restricted “combustion” event, converting the subject into a glowing silhouette for .03 seconds before vanishing. All 9,314 (footnote 2014 US census) residents of Layhollow are considered lost to this effect. Exploratory drone footage shows the town as abandoned, but actively maintained; i.e. windows will appear washed, leaves will be raked, and newspapers will continue to be delivered despite the lack of human presence.

After vanishing, SCP-4438 will begin transmitting messages to the subjects friends and loved ones over all possible wireless mediums.2. Exposure to SCP-4438 media will cause [DATA RESTRICTED - SEE ADDENDUM 4438-A]. SCP-4438 media must not be viewed under any circumstance. Testing with SCP-4438 is forbidden.

Addendum: ROWI.aic, former Site-43 AI and current Causality Specialist within the Department of Temporal Anomalies (DoTA), has analyzed all outbound digital traffic from Layhollow for 10 months prior to its encapsulation. A single chain of events has been identified leading to the appearance of SCP-4438, transcribed below.

09/11/2018 VIDEO LOG

SOURCE: Cellphone video, front facing camera. Video automatically synced with cloud account of Gloria Landrick.

Video shows a front-facing camera phone shot late at night. Two teenagers are walking through a dimly lit alleyway decorated in bright graffiti mosaics. The person holding the camera is a girl with bright, straw-yellow bowl-cut hair and dark, glittery circles painted around her eyes. She sticks her tongue out at the camera. Over her shoulder is a young man with shock red hair and a narrow face. He is making peace signs with both hands.

Lore: What’s up you fuckin' townies!? Friday night in the big city! We hitch-hiked here on some indie-bands tour bus. They gave us some free tickets so, y’know, we’re heading there now. We can’t say which band cuz, like, legal shit, but you've totally heard of them. Everyone has. Back-stage living bitches!

Lore brandishes her middle finger at the camera, then taps the phone with her thumb. This gesture misses, leaving the video app running as Lore places the phone into her back pocket. A yellow wig is seen discarded on the alleyway ground as the pair round onto the main street. Lore then pushes her phone further down, and the feed is obscured by blue denim. Audio is still recorded.

Charlie: Christ the bullshit you spin, girl. Who the fuck are you even doing it for?

Lore: Who do you think? Those stuck-up sheep need to see I’m living my best life.

Charlie: Yeah but you’re not- okay, I’m not saying you’re not, but you sure as fuck aren’t here for a concert. Why all the, y’know, spycraft shit?

Lore: Because. They need to know they can’t… I don't know, break me. They can say whatever shit they want in the hallway, I’m out here having- I don’t know- adventures. Big city-… I don't know. Whatever.

8 seconds of silence.

Charlie: They’re, like, actual bitches aren’t they? Like, not even valley-girl style, but like-… fuck, Lore, just move out here, okay? Seriously, you can stay with me and Neil! You can transfer to my school! Nobody fucks with you at my school. Seriously, the principal has such a stick up his ass about, like, bullying and-

Lore: I can’t.

Charlie: All th- huh? Why? I mean, okay, I get that Niels couch isn’t the fucking ritz but-

Lore: No, it’s not- I just can’t, okay? We all have to go to Layhollow Central.

Charlie: We? We who?

Lore: Who do you fucking think, Charlie? Landricks orphans.

Charie: Fuck- fuck, right sorry.

5 seconds of silence.

Charlie: Is it… bad?

Lore: What?

Charlie: The- what’s it called, common house? Is it bad?

Lore: It’s alright.

4 seconds of silence.

Lore: Most of the kids are younger than me, though, so I have to play big sister. We all came in at the same time so, I don't know, I guess I get it.

Charlie: Right, after the accident. I always wondered, how the fuck was there, like, whole families working in that fucking factory?

Lore: It’s a small town. There’s only so many places you can get work.

Charlie: So… your parents-

Lore: No. My parents just… dropped me off during the commotion. They just tossed me in with all the other orphans ‘cuz, I don't know, they didn’t want to deal with me. That’s what Mrs. Lindrick says at least. I don’t remember. I’m just stuck there for one more year ‘til I turn 18, then… I don’t know.

Charlie: Until you come stay with us?

Lore: I don’t know.

Charlie: Come on, Niel has got plenty of room-

Lore: You need to stop dating your dealers, Charlie.

Charlie: What? Oh come on Lorey! Neil's different. He’s, like, college educated! He’s a scientist!

Lore: He’s a dropout and ten years older than you.

Charlie: He makes bank! I like a man who can take care of my needs. All my needs.

Lore: Gross.

Charlie: Oh yeah? Go fuck yourself. I left that kind of judgey bullshit behind when I left Layhollow.

Lore: That’s not- It’s gross ‘cuz- fuck, ten years Charlie!

Charlie: I like beards. Sue me.

Audio picks up Lore and Charlie ascending a flight of stairs. Several doors are opened and closed before the pair enter a room filled with ambient, low-fi electronic music.

Neil: ‘Ey lore.

Lore: Hello Neil. Say, might I ask, what in the flying fuck is all that?

Neil: Huh? Oh- hah. Nice, huh? My old roommate finally dropped off all my old lab shit I swiped from the University. I’m cooking up something special tonight.

Charlie: See? Told you. Scientist. Beakers and tubes and, like… uh-

Neil: Flanges.

Charlie: Flanges and shit. There is literally a big glass of red stuff dripping into a big glass of blue stuff, Lore. How are you not impressed?

Lore: You really need all this just for meth?

Neil: Yeah. Haven’t you seen Breaking Bad? It’s an art.

Lore: I don’t… watch…

Charlie: Lore? What is it? Are you- augh! Fuck! Neil! It’s burning!

Neil: Damn it, sorry, forgot I left that on. Don’t worry! The smell will die down. It’s just a bit of- uh… hey, Lore? What are you- Lore?

Charlie: Fuck, my eyes. Fuck fuck- Lore? What-

Neil: Hey, get away from that! Don’t-

Charlie: Lore what are you doing?

Lore: I don’t know.

Charlie: Lore- Lore put that down. Lore Jesus that’s bubbling! Your hand!

Neil: Hey! Fucking- you don’t even know what that is! Don’t pour-

A loud cracking sound is heard, coupled with a crumpling noise. .5 seconds later, a second impact occurs further away, combined with multiple objects hitting the floor.

Charlie: Holy shit! Holy- Lore! What are you… oh my g

[Video stops. Internal storage limit reached.]

08/11/2018 SMS LOG

Participant Green: “Lore” Gloria Lindrick.

Participant Blue: “Charlie” Charles Audley.

god dam your finaly online. where have you been?

what the shit happened yesterday


Hey. My phone died last night. Just found my charger.

Also sorry I was being such a bitch yesterday. I was just in a weird mood.

weird mood!?

lore u just grabbed random chemicals an started mixing shit liek

like harry potter or some shit

then you fucking punched neil!!!

looool omg I remember now. No wonder my knuckles are all tingly hahaa

lore are you fucking high right now!?

i know i cant talk but fuck girl slow down. after that frankenstein shit last night you shouldnt be dosing

I'm not. It's the same high, Charlie. I'm still floating. It hasn't stopped.

God I feel good.

what the fuck even was that stuff tho

I don't know.

It was like

Once I smelled that burning stuff all of a sudden my brain and body switched places. I just started doing shit. Weird, right? lol

lore go fuckign to the clinic like right now thats really scary

Why? I feel fine.

I feel really, really good.

11/11/2018 VIDEO LOG

SOURCE: Laptop webcam and microphone. Video blog post on account "LilMissG", channel created that same day. Video automatically synced with cloud account of Gloria Landrick.

Lore is seen sitting in a small room with one narrow bed. Her phone is propped up, recording her. The room is well lit, though the solitary ceiling lamp appears to be off. She is smiling widely. Her hair is long and dark.

Gloria: Hey all you gorgeous people! It’s your girl, Miss G here with my first ever video! I never felt like I really, like, had anything to say, you know? But recently I’ve just felt… good, you know? Like everything is just good! Why can’t it be like this all the time? it could be. We could all just be happy if we didn’t hurt each other. I don’t get it. Like, there are these girls at school; they say mean things about my clothes, and my hobbies, and, like… why do they even care? I’m not hurting anyone. I’m just trying to live. That used to bother me a lot, but now… now It’s all good. I forgive them. They’re probably going through some tough shit too, you know? Of course they are. We’re all in this nowhere town together, right? I just wish I could talk to them. I should talk to them. Why don’t I just talk to them? Why don’t we just be friends inst-

A loud knocking sound is heard. The door is opened with force. A middle aged woman with her hair in hair-curlers enters the room wearing a night gown.

Margret Lindrick: Gloria! It’s fuckin’ midnight! Get your ass back to bed right now! Your screechy fuckin’ voice woke me up!

Lore continues to stare silently into the camera, smiling, for several seconds. Then, a burst of light similar to a camera flash occurs.

Gloria: Can’t I finish this video, please?

Margret Lindrick: I… sure. Of course you can. Just… just try to get to bed though, okay? You have school tomorrow.

Gloria: Sure thing! Love you!

Margret Lindrick: I… love you too honey. Good night.

12/11/2018 SMS LOG

Participant Green: “Lore” Gloria Lindrick.

Participant Blue: “Charlie” Charles Audley.



im sending niel with the car you need to get to the hospital right now

Heeey! Sorry, I was in class.

lore get to a doctor right fucking now I am not kidding

That’s so sweet Charlie, but I’m fine.

I love how much you care about me.

You’re such a good friend.

You’re my best friend Charlie. You’ve always taken such good care of me.

Remember when you dragged me out of that frat party? I love you so much.

ok I just called niel hes turning around. are you sure youre okay? did you throw up a lot or something?

also love you too but holy shit this is freaking me out

No, I feel great! I feel even better than I did yesterday somehow.

Listen, I think I figured it out. I think I just, like, fixed myself. I mean, why should I feel happy? I've got a home, friends, and my whole life ahead of me! I think my body was just, like, missing some essential chemicals and when I smelled that stuff in Neils lab, my body just knew what to do! This is just how I'm supposed to feel! It's how we all should feel!

ok that is literal batshit lore

that is not how any of that works. like at all.

i think something is wrong with you.

And I think you're being really negative right now.

im serious lore. remember liam? he came over today. he got all excited when I mentioned this wierd three day trip youve been on. you know he likes new shit.

i swear we looked away for like one second and he just grabbed that gunk you made.

hes in the hospital lorey. he just took a sip and his stomach fucking ruptured. that stuff is poison!

lore are you there!? You chugged that stuff, how are you not sick!?



You and Maggie Smith are now friends!

You and Helenna Fitzpatrick are now friends!

You and Julia Gershwin are now friends!

You and Nadia Kaan are now friends!

Addendum: Several minutes later, Gloria Lindrick uploaded a new profile picture. Lore is in the back of a classroom with four smilng girls clustered around her, all taking a “selfie” photo. Picture is severely washed out and bright.

[[Moon-and-stars-01.png width="50px"]]

Little Miss G

First post! Love you all <3

  • ECHOES 89
  • HUMS 13

6:23 PM - 17 December 2011

14/11/2018 - TWITTER FEED

Twitter post: LilMissG

First post! Love you all <3

Reply: luv you to gurl!! come have lunch with us tomorow!!!!

Reply: Hey Gloria. We'd really like you to join the chess club. We only got a few minutes to talk, but I think you'd make a great club member. We even bought you your own board!

Reply: MissG! yo come hang with us after school tomorrow. Ive got my dads car. you can drive it if you want

DM – CUCharlie: lore whats going on with you? you haven’t been on facebook in days and you arent picking up your phone
CUCharlie: w/e looks like you have lots of friends now
CUCharlie: guess your done with me



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