The Presidencies of Grover Cleveland

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter


Official Presidential portrait of Grover Cleveland, POI-2224-X (deceased)

Special Containment Procedures: Owing to its geographical extent, unpredictable onset and duration, and largely benign threat profile, areas experiencing SCP-XXXX events are not routinely physically contained, except when they occur in areas where clarity and agreement on the specific identity of the current President of the United States is of critical importance to operational security and the chain of military command. In such areas, embedded Foundation personnel are to receive level 3/XXXX clearance and receive pro-mnestic1 training and pharmaceuticals, targeted at assisting them in remembering who the current President of the United States is. Such personnel are authorised to act in accordance with their knowledge about the true current President to minimise threats to consensus reality, preserve Foundation secrecy and minimise loss of life.

Information created within an SCP-XXXX-positive area that contains reference (explicit or implicit) to the identity of the current President of the United States of America is considered a moderate-risk informational breach of Foundation secrecy and consensus reality. All such information transmitted outside the SCP-XXXX-event's area, or that persists after the SCP-XXXX-event ends, is to be contained, recorded and destroyed by local agents. Disinformation campaigns, mass-media disruption and widespread amnestic use are authorised where necessary to contain wide-scale informational breaches.

Covert political lobbying efforts are to be deployed against any attempted repeal of the 22nd Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the third term of the former President of the United States Grover Cleveland, existing as a localised, intermittent reality-altering anomaly across the territory of the United States of America.

During SCP-XXXX events, a set geographical location2 will, for a variable duration3, undergo a reality and memory-altering effect. During the event, all information (including human memory) within the area at the time of onset is altered to replace the name, appearance and salient features of the current President of the United States with those of Grover Cleveland.

The alterations occur in such a way as to preserve some measure of both the original information and agreement with the known biographical facts, appearance, proclivities, opinions and other salient features of the historical Grover Cleveland. All alterations made at the onset of an SCP-XXXX event are reverted at the end of the event; however any new information (including memories and all forms of written and recorded language) created during an event, or actions taken based on SCP-XXXX-altered information, do not revert.

At any given time, at least one SCP-XXXX event is in effect somewhere within US territory. It is presently believed that all geographic areas of the United States of America will experience a cumulative total of four years of SCP-XXXX events, and once this total is reached in a given area, SCP-XXXX will no longer manifest there4. Based on this supposition, the Foundation maintains estimates of how much total duration of SCP-XXXX remains to elapse in a given location; by current best estimates, the total SCP-XXXX term averaged over the entire United States of America is 71% complete as of 27/10/2018.

Other than the four-year limit, the time of onset, geographical extent and duration of any SCP-XXXX event is not predictable.

Grover Cleveland's two consensus historical terms as President of the United States (from 1885-1889 and 1893-1897) are not considered to have been anomalous.

An abridged table of notable SCP-XXXX events follows.
Date of event Geographical extent Duration Observed phenomena
16/03/1913 A coffee house in August, Georgia; full extent unknown Unknown; several hours at a minimum First identified SCP-XXXX event in Foundation records.
Date of event Geographical extent Duration Observed phenomena
05/05/1967 An elementary school classroom in Fairfax, California Approx. thirty minutes Resulted in the third-grade class' letters to the President referencing how "we didn't ought to be in Vietnam, or Hawaii, Mister Cleveland" and "I like your mustache"
Date of event Geographical extent Duration Observed phenomena
02/11/1998 The entirety of the state of Maine 13 seconds The only recorded manifestation within the state borders of Maine.
Date of event Geographical extent Duration Observed phenomena

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