Mew’s Hub of Wreckage
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Sup, this this is where you can find my drafts.

Mew’s Drafts

Vines That Bring Me Back to the Good Ol’ Days - Aloe is helping with this one, helping salvage it. This isn’t in a collab sandbox cause it was written first and then a month later we worked on it together, all through pms.

Childish Manner - I gotta pick this one back up I really like it I wrote the initial draft in 40 minutes and thought it was a piece of shit, and eventually decides to have people look at it for shits and giggles on the rare chance it was good or at least salvageable, and turns out people really liked the idea, and thought the base draft wasn’t awful, just needed some line fixing. Of course I got much more to add more cause I’m adding more logs and stuff.

Critter Profile: Boston! - Fuck

Xilas Gave Me This Title Because I Couldn’t Think of One - My first J. Huh.

Her Final Thoughts - A short little tale about Researcher Gates’ sister’s passing featuring a really fucking good SCP.

Un-Named Tale About Researcher Crane - I wanted to share more of Crane’s character, so I started on this. It’s currentlh not finished, but yeah.

:p - 100 words or less challenge I have myself, it turned out pretty bland.

Eric's Toy-Box - Yep, I'm making an Eric hub!

Un-Named Alternate Foundation Draft - I started this one right around the apollo anniversary, good timing lol

Researcher Kevin R. Gates Personnel File - This is a tale actually, I haven’t worked on it much, I’m lazy rip.

My Guardian Angel, Caroline Schultz - Based off of the fact that I think about the name Caroline a lot.

SCP-359 Rewrite - Fuck yes, I got the rights to the rewrite and I’m so goddamn happy I’ve been after this rewrite for like a month or so.

Memento Mori - So I had a depressive episode and started the idea for this, and when I was out of it, I finished up the idea, and then started on this. Idk I've always wanted to write a time loop SCP.

A Draft I Wrote Because I was Sad and Sadness Inspires Creativity - I think the title explains it.

SCP-7777-J: The Eventually Killer Robot - In the critters something came up about a killer robot that procrasinates and I was just like "well I should actually write that"

Cool Mom Computer - Based off of my cool mom computer

A Brief Memory - Idk I was bored and wanted to do another researcher focused SCP

Mr. Potatohead - Got bored and eventually came to doing a Herman Fuller SCP.

Advertisement Wars - A tale featuring my two favorite joke articles.

Youth - I was clicking random on the Wikimedia Commons.

Animated emotion draft - Rewrite of my first greenlit SCP draft Life Pen (when i still needed greenlights). It was getting somewhere originally and I think I could really fix it up a bit with my increased writing skills, and with keeping in mind the advice I got on all of the different draft versions.. ^^

Hunters of the Hidden Monsters - I've been watching a lot of criminal minds.

This AI is vain and dumb - Self Obsessed AI

The Great Tubby Adventure - Tubby tale!

Just Dress-Up Things - A Just Girly Things article aha

The Things He Wish He'd Known - Short format screw because I was bored

Where Ideas Go to Die - An attempt to reuse some of my old concepts

The Monster Under the Bed - I had an idea I wanna try regarding the "generic monster" trope.

The Perfect J - Humor is subjective.

SCP-001-J - Banana

Wordless - Another attempt to do ta draft in 100 words or less.

SCP-A260 - Corgiverse

The Simpson's Already Did It - Did you mean: Everything I write?

Candy Oranges - Got bored

Scarlett's Letters - Again, got bored.

SCP-3438 Rewrite - I got permission to rewrite it and I'm so happy! UrbanDelayed is even gonna help me with it aha

Fuck off, Moon - I tried my hand at poetry

Scarlett's Letters - The tale

The Sunlit Sky - Another tale about Epon Scarlett and the shenanigans that he pulls

Green with Envy - Based on a prompt I got from an SCP concept generator

Website that Does Not Exist - inspired by an image

Spider Cat Draft - Based off of my spider cat plushie

Piecing Together the Community - Inspired by an image; hope this succeeds, I love phenomena SCP.

The Eighties Unnamed Draft - Just sorta an experiment thing.

The Frightmare Kittens will Help you Face your Fears! - Just a little thing I thought of

The Perfect Joke SCP - Actually perfect this time

The Story of our Inception; It Really is a Story, None of it Happened! - Writing a story in the point of view of a character who can't perceive the concept of negative emotions who is also completely aware his entire world is a lie and doesn't give two shits about that fact has been a pretty fun idea to play with tbh.

PROJECT MTF Alpha-14 ("Looney Toons") - Them; just an idea I'm playing with

Parawatch Try - My shot at a Parawatch document

I am Not My Mother - Based off of one of my character's backstory, let's see how this goes

Mew’s Starter Pack

This is my sandbox on the other wiki. Projects not transferred from there to here have either been posted, moved, or temporarily abandoned.
By temporarily, I mean they aren’t of my main concern, and I’ll go back to them when I have time.

There it be

Mew and Others

These are my collab sandboxes! The fact that people want to work with me is amazing lol

Friendly Fossils - This one has been posted, SCP-4846, and I love it. It was my first collab, and it was an absolutely pleasant experience the whole way through. Fun fact, you can see the original concept for this in my original sandbox under “Fossilized Society”.

Un-named Wondertainment DS-like consol - As you can tell, this one is so underdeveloped, we haven’t even named it. We’ve just both been busy. Blue liked the idea when I was throwing it around in the IRC Chat, and wanted to collab with me!

Team Birb Best Team - That’s not the name of those drafts. This is the sandbox for me and Seagull’s collab-con entires. Reaaaaaaad.

Unnamed Minotaur Labrynth Draft - Yeah, the title says it. This one isn't too developed, but we're working on it!

INT Collab - Me and Rabe from the DE branch are collabing ^^

Here comes chaos - Me and Tanhony are collabing aha watch out world.

MurderFridge, the genocidal thamuiel - MurderFridge is making a comeback

Contact High - Fake word SCP! I finally started it! Yeah it's a lot different now, aha. Also, this boi is a collab.

Pigeon Collab - Me and FloppyPheonix are collabing for Team Bird ^^

Bug Bunnies - Me and DrAkimotoDrAkimoto's collab nice

Dream Dragon Draft - Me and AlanDaris' collab :)

5kon MurderFridge - 5kon collab MurderFridge style


Mew’s Testing Page - For when I need to test code and shit lol

Words for SCP Reference - Some fake words for an SCP I’m making. The draft will be here soon.

This SCP - This was a test for using listpages. Also, an attempt to write an SCP under 100 words. I said attempt.

Un-Named Alternate Foundation Draft - The mess up listpages attempt of the listed above lol, I've got it fixed now

Article Paste Bin - Place where I edit other people's articles for them

ACS Paste Box - It's in the name lmao

Custom ACS Headers - Ye

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