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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a Standard Anomalous Object Containment Chamber at Site 15. The containment chamber where SCP-XXXX is stored is to be supplied with one television set capable of accepting input from SCP-XXXX and a universal DVD player remote. Any DVDs brought into contact with SCP-XXXX must be approved for testing by one Level 3 Researcher assigned to SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a Sony DVP-NS325B DVD player from the year 2003. SCP-XXXX is in good physical condition, with the exception of the word "four" being etched into the roof of its casing.

If a DVD is inserted into SCP-XXXX and played, the contents of the DVD will play as normal until one or more individuals depicted in the DVD will deviate from its original content and become aware of the audience.

At this point in the DVD's runtime viewers of the DVD can interact with individuals depicted in the DVD and affect the outcome of the DVD's content. Once a DVD is removed from SCP-XXXX any impact the audience made on the DVD's contents will be reverted.

Following the events of Incident XXXX-A, no DVDs containing footage of exclusively non-fictional people or events are permitted for use with SCP-XXXX.

Test Log XXXX-1

Inserted: One copy of the 1997 film Titantic

Viewer(s): Researcher Verhelle

Interaction: Partway through the film's runtime Dawson makes direct eye contact with Researcher Verhelle, who introduces himself and informs Dawson of The Titanic's collision with an iceberg and his death which occur later in the film. Researcher Verhelle does not attempt to make contact with Dawson after this interaction.

Result: No noticeable changes to the plot occur until the point in the film where The Titanic is expected to collide with an iceberg. Here the film deviates from the original script and shows Dawson entering the bridge of the ship, alerting the ship's captain of the oncoming collision.

Jack is forced out of the room, but a crewman verifies his claims. The captain recharts the ship's course around the iceberg and The Titantic remains unharmed.

Approximately 20 minutes after this event the film concludes with a scene showing Dawson alive after The Titanic's voyage.

Test Log XXXX-2

Inserted: One copy of the 2016 film Deadpool

Viewer(s): Researcher Verhelle

Interaction: During the film's opening scene, protagonist Deadpool talks with the audience while drawing above moving traffic. Researcher Verhelle attempts to verbally communicate with Deadpool.

Result: Deadpool responds to Researcher Verhelle, unfazed by the interaction. Researcher Verhelle and Deadpool hold a conversation until Deadpool's target arrives, Deadpool apologizes and engages his target.

The film continues unaltered from this point on, with the exception of occasional asides from Deadpool directed at Researcher Verhelle as opposed to a generic audience member.

Incident XXXX-A

Inserted: Disc containing a recording of D-7398 reading at his desk alone in his living quarters taken the day prior to testing

Viewer(s): D-7398, Researcher Verhelle

Interaction: D-7398 is instructed to get the attention of his recorded self.

Result: The recording of D-7398 appears startled, and while getting up from his desk trips and falls onto the corner of his metal bed frame. The recording D-7398 suffers a fatal head injury, and the recording abruptly ends.

After the recording ends, D-7398 spontaneously collapses. Researcher Verhelle removes the disc from SCP-XXXX and alerts on-site medical staff.

Following this encounter, D-7398 is declared deceased as a result of unknown causes.

A request to reclassify SCP-XXXX as Euclid is pending

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