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> Opening Site-31 internal terminal network. Please enter user authentication to continue.

/login amalthus8e@@foundation.scp | 0nceDweltInThatAnnihilatedPlaceee

> Welcome, Site Director Malthus.

> Notice from the Internal Security Department: As directed under Contingency Omicron-Eclipse, all terminal logins require a psychological authentication in order to ascertain that your personality and sense of self has not been anomalously compromised. This terminal is now locked to all other commands. If you are a separate entity inhabiting the body of Dr. Aruban Frederick Malthus, your location has already been determined and an Incorporeal Quarantine Field has been dropped around this room to impede your movements.

> Please repeat your custom emotional authentication passphrase slowly into your terminal's microphone.


> Emotional response detected to 86% confidence. Authentication accepted.

/access 3675

> Notice from the Records and Information Security Adminstration: Under Contingency Omicron-Eclipse, all sections of file SCP-3675 have been declassified to access by any and all Foundation personnel.

> Loading file…



> …

> …………???☐☐?☐


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